The Diversity Office provides advice, support and mediation when university members suffer discrimination and disadvantage in their studies or the workplace. In providing advice we aim to uncover structural discrimination at the university. This can involve either a short-term solution in a specific case, or, if this is not possible, altering structures in the medium term. At present we are unable to offer psychological or legal antidiscrimination advice.

If specific individuals give rise to discrimination, we can identify potential approaches on the principle of the Senate’s guideline "Partnerschaftliches Verhalten", which the University of Tübingen is currently working to develop and update into antidiscrimination guidelines.

The fundamental principle of any advice given at the Diversity Office is absolute confidentiality. Nothing is done without your express consent.

Consultations are only possible by appointment.

Other sources of support

There is a wide range of advisory services at the University of Tübingen, which will welcome you with your questions and problems. A small selection is given below. Further down you can also find regional and national advisory services.

Advice at the Student Services