Dr. Christian Bentz interviewed by Deutschlandfunk

Our former long-term fellow, Dr. Christian Bentz, was interviewed by the Deutschlandfunk together with his colleague Prof. Dr. Balthasar Bickel from the University of Zürich. The inverview was inspiered by the article from Matsumae et al. recently published in Science. Prof. Dr. Bickel was part of the research team, who published this article, while Dr. Christian Bentz was consulted as additional linguistic expert.


Sciene article: H. Matsumae, P. Ranacher, P. E. Savage, D. E. Blasi, T. E. Currie, K. Koganebuchi, N. Nishida, T. Sato, H. Tanabe, A. Tajima, S. Brown, M. Stoneking, K. K. Shimizu, H. Oota, B. Bickel, Exploring correlations in genetic and cultural variation across language families in northeast Asia. Sci. Adv. 7, eabd9223 (2021).