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Socio-Cultural Dynamics and the Use of Resources



Recently published: RessourcenKulturen 25. Neue Moscheen braucht das Land

Yanti M. Hölzchen, Neue Moscheen braucht das Land. Religiöses Wissen ilim als Ressource in…

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Recently published: RessourcenKulturen 24. Im Kreis des Elefanten

Jonas Froehlich, Im Kreis des Elefanten. Burgen als Ressourcen des Niederadels auf der Schwäbischen…

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Recently published: RessourcenKulturen 23. Born Kyrgyz, Raised as Russians and Buried as Arabs

Baktygul Shabdan, Born Kyrgyz, Raised as Russian and Buried as Arabs. Negotiating Childhood and…

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87th Annual Meeting of the WSVA together with the MOVA (26th Annual Meeting) from 25-29 September 2023 in Tübingen

Plenary session of the SFB 1070 ResourceCultures on Wednesday, 27 September

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