Border Regimes and the Age of Technoscience

IZEW-Conference on June 23rd and 24th

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The conference aims at analyzing the interaction between technical designs, social imaginaries, and practices, as well as jurisprudence regarding to border control and border coercion.

It brings together perspectives from various fields: ethics, computer science, cultural anthropology, cultural studies, machine learning, media sociology and sociology of technology, political philosophy, political science, science and technology studies, security studies, and social geography.

The various disciplinary perspectives are linked by the concept “border regime”. This concept refers to the interplay between normative models, legal traditions, technical frameworks, and socio-political practices that correspond to the idea of national borders.

With its cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective, the workshop will illuminate how technoscience and social imaginaries of the technologically feasible shape border regimes and, vice versa, how different border regimes influence the path of technological innovation.

For registration, please contact
lukas.kurzspam prevention@izew.uni-tuebingen.de

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