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Just a few good reasons for contacting us

  • We assist you in evaluating and protecting your innovation.
  • We provide time, resources and a network of technology professionals for the commercialization of your innovations.
  • We have experience in commercial product development and in turning ideas into successful ventures and successful products.
  • The inventor bears no cost or financial risk during the patenting process and receives 30 percent of the gross profit.

Why disclose an invention?

Protection of intellectual property

Intellectual property rights provide protection against plagiarism.

Publication and patent performance

Not only the number of publications, but also the number of patents is used to assess academic performance.

Importance of innovation

The economic value added of an invention indicates its importance. Commercial trademarks are therefore indispensable.


Disclosing an invention is compulsory for all employees.

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Which property rights exist?

Is my invention patentable?

Is my invention patentable?

Is my invention patentable?