About the Research Database of the University of Tübingen

Since 2013, the University of Tübingen has been using the web-based research database FIT. FIT is intended to provide an up-to-date overview of current third-party funded projects at the University of Tübingen. The uniform processing of data in the research information system will also contribute to greater transparency in research projects with external funding.

FIT is divided into three areas: Projects, portfolios and cooperations. Under Projects, the current research projects with topic, participating employees and sponsors are listed. In the Portfolios section you will find the profiles of the university's professors with information on projects, research priorities, international partners and current publications. The Cooperation section provides an overview of the university's international cooperations and cooperation partners. In addition, the profiles of professors at the University of Tübingen are posted in the "Portfolios" section. In this way, scientists as well as representatives from business and the media can quickly and easily gain an overview of the expertise available at the University of Tübingen and find the right contact persons.

Website of the research database FIT: https://fit.uni-tuebingen.de