During your studies

Here’s an overview of the various services which could be relevant for disabled or chronically ill students during their studies.


Information for students in their first semester

If you are starting your studies and have a disability or chronic illness, you can find important information for students in their first semester here (as a Video and PDF file to download).


Application for disadvantage compensation

By law (§ 2 and § 32 Landeshochschulgesetz von Baden-Württemberg) the University is obliged to consider the particular needs of students with a disability or chronic illness. We do this by working with you to find adjustments that match your opportunities to study. This is not about "studying light” - it is about giving you equal opportunities to succeed in your studies.

You apply for these adjustments in what’s called an application for disadvantage compensation. This application is to be submitted via this form or informally to the responsible examination office for your subject(s). You explain the reasons why the requested adjustments are necessary for you and confirm these explanations with a certificate from a doctor / specialist / psychotherapist. (Suggestions on what a certificate should contain can be found  in the document "Attest-Anforderungen".) It is helpful if the certificate clearly states what compensation for disadvantages is being requested.

The examination office will then inform you in writing as to how your request could be granted. With this letter you inform the lecturers about the necessary adjustments or the changed regulations that apply to your studies. In order to make it easy for all parties involved, please identify and apply for any necessary adjustment as early as possible. You should bear in mind that the examination offices and the lecturers need a certain processing or lead time in order to be able to do justice to your request well.

You can also apply for compensation for disadvantages for church examinations and for Staatsexamen. Please contact your responsible examinations office.

You can find suggestions and information on the topic in this Arbeitshilfe and here: http://www.studentenwerke.de/de/content/studium-und-prüfungen


Technical aids

An overview of the various technical aids is available here.


University Library services

Borrowing in the University Library Reading Room and institute libraries

Students with disabilities can receive special conditions upon presentation of their disabled ID card. Information on this can be obtained from the Loans Desk (phone: 07071 29-72579). If, in urgent cases, literature from the reference collection is needed for borrowing at home, you can contact the information desk of the General Reading Room (Allgemeiner Lesesaal) (phone 07071 29-72849).

The library system can be accessed from the University Library website via the link Bibliothekskatalog and has disabled access. Among other things, it is possible to search the library catalogue, view one's own borrowing account, and access the interlibrary loan portal.

Borrowed works must be actively renewed by the borrower in due time. The contact person at the UB is Ms. Heike Mattheis (heike.mattheis@ub.uni-tuebingen.de).

Further information from the University Library on the topic of accessibility can be found on the web page "Barrierefreiheit".

Literature transfer

For students with visual impairments, the University Library catalog and also the SehkOn (Visually Impaired Catalog - Online - of Dortmund University Library) contain works that have been transferred into other formats.

Online lecture recordings

You will find a large number of lecture recordings from various departments on the Tübingen Internet Multimedia System (timms).
Here you can listen to lectures from home at your own chosen time and at your own pace.


It is also possible to request lecture recordings that are important for you.

Sport and leisure time

The University Sports Center Hochschulsport of the Institute of Sports Science offers a wide range of sports opportunities. If you are unsure whether certain courses are suitable for you, please contact Andreas Dietrich directly at the Service Office.

The city of Tübingen’s Stadtverband für Sport e.V. in Tübingen can help you find a suitable sport in Tübingen’s many clubs and may be able to offer other assistance.

At the state level, the Württembergische Behinderten- und Rehabilitationssportverban e.V. offers many sporting opportunities.

The Kultur-Inklusive-Tübingen website offers opportunities to talk with other people both with and without disabilities.