Enrollment in programs with free admission

International applicants: Your application must reach us by 15 July (for enrollment in the following winter semester) or 15 January (for enrollment in the following summer semester), regardless of whether there are special requirements for admission or not.

If your desired subject has no special requirements for admission, you do not need to apply. You may enroll directly by:

Please note: If you have also applied by 15 July/ 15 January for a restricted-admission program and at the same time enroll via the ALMA portal for a program with no special requirements for admission (an application cannot be made in that case), your online enrollment will come into effect immediately. If you subsequently decide to enroll in the restricted-admission program, you will have to officially switch degree programs; this must be done using the appropriate form and cannot be done in the online portal. Alternatively, you may wait for the result of your application process and then decide which program you wish to enroll in, and carry out your enrollment via the online portal.

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Enrolling at the University of Tübingen

for more information, see http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/de/846