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Banking on pot

University of Tübingen economists examine US legal cannabis sector to gauge the value of banking…

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Neandertals: More Advanced Than Previously Assumed

Prehistoric humans actively adapted their survival strategies

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Why fish send red signals in the deep blue sea

Tübingen University biologists discover the many meanings of fluorescence where colors fade

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Two new special fields of research for the University of Tübingen

New research networks will study the algorithms of vision and the transportation of pollutants in…

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Words and bones tell a similar story about deep history

Ancient language families linked to anthropological features, say Tübingen researchers

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Active and Inactive Cells in the Brain’s Memory System

Tübingen neuroscientists are the first to find evidence of differing morphology in neurons

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Tübingen researchers develop inhibitors for autoimmune-relevant enzyme

Highly selective new JAK3 inhibitors may offer new treatments for autoimmune conditions

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Ancient toothed turtles survived until 160m years ago

International research team discovers remnant teeth in Jurassic fossil from Xinjiang

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