Studium Oecologicum Certificate

What is Studium Oecologicum?
Studium Oecologicum is a supplement on Sustainable Development for students of all disciplines. Studium Oecologicum aims at training students in analysis-based, reflective and responsible action and thus helps promote their ability to carry out valuable, effective work in the field . It is about the challenges of our time such as social injustice, climate change, increasing resource scarcity and an economic system in crisis.
No special prior knowledge is required for the block seminars of Studium Oecologicum. They are conducted by university and external speakers.
The teaching of education for Sustainable Development is characterized by methodological diversity as well as inter- and transdisciplinary. In this sense, the courses represent a joint learning process between participants and lecturers.

The student initiative Greening the University e. V. initiated the Studium Oecologicum in the summer semester 2009. Today the Studium Oecologicum is an established supplement of the University of Tübingen, which is offered in cooperation with student initiatives, TCP (Division III - Studies and Teaching) and the International Center for Ethics in Science (IZEW) of the University of Tübingen. You can watch the film about Studium Oecologicum on Youtube.

Which courses are offered?
Studium Oecologicum offers basic and thematic courses. Basic courses introduce the topic of Sustainable Development. In the themed courses, practice-oriented solutions are developed and individual aspects are deepened. Both repetitive and varying courses are offered.
In the course program, you will find an overview of the range of courses. Registration for the courses will be possible via the alma platform:

  • Außerfakultäre Veranstaltungen
    • Überfachliche Bildung und berufliche Orientierung (ehem. Career Service)
      • Transdisciplinary Course Program Bachelor | Liberal Education
        • Nachhaltige Entwicklung (inkl. Studium Oecologicum)
        • All courses starting with “1SO...”

Students who have completed several Studium Oecologicum courses can obtain the (non-degree) Studium Oecologicum Certificate. The following requirements apply for the acquisition of the certificate:

1. Basic course (min. 1 course)

The basic courses (identified in the TCP by course designations 1SOG...) are eligible for credit.

2. Topic courses (min. 2 courses)

Topic courses are identified in the TCP program by course designations 1SOT.... . Upon consultation with the Studium Oecologicum coordination, additional selected "disciplinary courses" drawn from regular faculty teaching may be included in the certificate.

Scope of the certificate (min. 12 CP)

Courses in Studium Oecologicum are usually assigned 2 to 4 credit points. The acquisition of at least 12 credit points is required for the certificate.

The certificate verifies the acquisition of well-founded basic knowledge and interdisciplinary key competencies on issues of Sustainable Development and is issued by the University of Tübingen. The required certificates of attendance (“Scheine”) can be acquired over several semesters.
As soon as all of these required certificates (“Scheine”) are available, they can be presented to the course administration of the Transdisciplinary Course Program and Career Service section during office hours. The certificate can also be issued in English upon request. Unfortunately, a subsequent request is not possible. After completion of the certificate, the students will be informed about it by email.

Please find more information on sustainable development activities of the University of Tübingen at: http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/nachhaltig