Study Groups

Group Title Department Group Leader


Survival strategies based on genetic and metabolic adaptions allowing persistence and survival


Survival of long-term starvation in cyanobacteria: role of glycogen and reserve polymers IMIT, Microbiology/Organismic Interactions Prof. Dr. Karl Forchhammer
A2 Functional importance of PHB and polyphosphate (polyP) for survival Microbiology, University Stuttgart Apl.Prof. Dr. Dieter Jendrossek
A3 Akinetes: Resistant cells of filamentous cyanobacteria IMIT, Microbiology/Organismic Interactions PD Dr. Iris Maldener
A4 Metabolic survival strategies of iron(II)-oxidizing bacteria under denitrifying conditions Center for Applied Geosiencies (ZAG) Dr. Sara Kleindienst
A5 Role of complexing agents in the survival of microorganisms in the soil IMIT, Microbiology/Biotechology Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlleben
A6 Symbiosis and competition factors as survival strategies of commensal bacteria IMIT, Medical Microbiology and Hygiene Prof. Dr. Julia-Stefanie Frick
A7 Amyloid-like proteins in microbe-microbe-interactions - toxicity and resistance ZMBP, Microbial Interactions in Plant Ecosystems Prof. Dr. Eric Kemen


Survival and habitat protection through synthesis of bioactive compounds

B1 Interaction of filamentous cyanobacteria with their predators

IMIT, Microbiology/Organismic Interactions

Prof. Dr. Karl Forchhammer

B2 Cell lysis and consumption during cannibalistic growth IMIT, Microbiology/Biotechology Prof. Dr. Christoph Mayer
B3 Shaping the human nasal microbiota by the bacteriocin lugdunin IMIT, Infection Biology Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel
B4 Staphylococcal factors influencing the biology of λSa3-phages IMIT, Medical Microbiology and Hygiene Prof. Dr. Christiane Wolz
B5 Immunity mechanism of ADEP producer Streptomyces hawaiiensis NRRL 15010 IMIT, Microbial Bioactive Compounds Prof. Dr. Heike Brötz-Oesterhelt
B6 Proteasome inhibitors from Nocardia ssp. and their role in pathogen survival

Pharmaceutical Biology and German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF)

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Leonard Kaysser