Developing intercultural skills

Developing intercultural skills: Prior to, during, and after time abroad.

Studying abroad offers opportunities to advance one’s professional prospects and personal development. In these areas, intercultural skills play an important role.

The program: “Intercultural skills: Prior to, during, and after time abroad” helps you with the optimal preparation for your stay abroad, accompanies you during it via an online module, and after you have returned helps you to reflect on how your intercultural skills have developed. You can earn 12 ECTS credits by completing this program.

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Further workshops and courses

You can find further workshops and courses on intercultural issues in the semester programs of the sections: German as a Second Language and Intercultural Programs, the Foreign Language Center, and the Studium Professionale.

Intercultural Thought and Behavior Certificate

As part of the pan-disciplinary units taught at the University, you may earn a Certificate of Intercultural Thought and Behavior (15 ECTS credits). You can place the focus on your personal interest within three main areas, which cover both theory and practice.