Student Clubs and get-togethers

In Tübingen exist different initiatives to help international students from students.

StudIT – Students’ Initiative International Tübingen

We are a group of students at the University of Tübingen who want to improve the experience of international students studying here and encourage exchange between international and German students. Our Meet & Greet marks the beginning of the orientation weeks and the new semester. We also offer an exciting program over the course of the whole semester. Trips in and around Tübingen will give you the chance to experience your new hometown and its surroundings.

Events like baking traditional Swabian pretzels, visiting a German brewery, and high rope climbing are awaiting you. We are also offering regular’s tables in different bars every other week. Through our buddy program we pair international students with German students, helping them have a pleasant start in Tübingen and an easy start of their studies.

You can find specific information, dates and ways of contacting us on our website and facebook.

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Student group "International Coffee Hour"

The International Coffee Hour enables international students and German students to meet each other. In a relaxed atmosphere you have the opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world, to look for or find a tandem partner or simply to take a break from everyday university life. Come by - we are looking forward to meeting you!

When: every Friday of the Semester, 14 - 16 o'clock

Where: digital – registration by e-mail at coffeehour.tuebingenspam prevention@gmail.com