Events of the SFB 833

The SFB 833 has been well networked in the scientific community. The constant exchange with scientists of our main field of research as well as adjacent fields of research has been of great importance to us.

Conferences & Workshops

Throughout its existence, the SFB 833 has therefore organized or co-organized a large number of smaller and larger conferences and workshops on various topics.

Conferences & Workshops 2009-2021

  • Closing Conference of the SFB 833
  • Workshop "Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Modification" (TExMod2020) (organised by Project B8)
  • Workshop "Metaphor and Ambiguity Analysis (MAmbA)" (organised by Project A1 and the GRK 1808 'Ambiguität') 
  • Workshop "Grounded and Symbolic Representation in Language Processing" (organised by Projects B4 & B7)
  • Workshop "Multiword Units in Multilingual Speakers" (organised by Project B9)
  • Workshop "Integrating Perspectives on Discourse Annotation" (organised by Project A4)
  • Linguistic Evidence 2020
  • Workshop "Ereignissemantik 2020" (organised by Projects A1, A5 & B8)
  • Workshop "Linguistics Meets Literature: Common Ground in Literary Communication" (organised by Projects A5 & A2)
  • Workshop "Processing Presuppositions: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches" (organised by Project B2)
  • Workshop "TripleA 7: The Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian Languages" (organised by Projects C1 & C7)
  • Workshop "Nominal and Verbal Aspect: Parallels, Interfaces, Complementarity" (organised by Projects C2 & C7)
  • Internal Workshop "Datenmanagement im SFB" (organised by Project INF, supported by Projects  Z1 & Z2)
  • Internal Workshop "Datenvisualisierung in R" (organised by Fritz Günther, Project Z2)

  • Workshop "Data-driven Approaches to Parsing and Semantic Composition" (organised by Project A3)
  • Workshop "Verbal Aspect and Processing of Aspect in Slavic Languages" (organised by Project C2)
  • Workshop "Information Structure and Ambiguity - The Process of Integrating Sentences into Discourse" (organised by Project A7 and the GRK 1808 'Ambiguität')
  • Workshop "Exhaustivity in Questions and Answers - Theoretical and Experimental Approaches" (organised by XPrag ObTrEx, ass. Project A2)
  • TripleA 6 - Workshop for Semantic Fieldworkers (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, organisation: Polina Berezovskaya & Vera Hohaus)
  • Workshop "Challenges to Compositionality" (organised by Projects A5, A7, C6 & C7)
  • Roundtable "Islands, Extraction and Resumption" (organised by Project A7)
  • Workshop "MaTüBe: Komplexe Satzstrukturen" (organised by Projects A5 & C6 in cooperation with ZAS Berlin and IDS Mannheim)
  • Workshop "Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives on Non-Compositional Meaning in Phrases" (organised by Projects A3 & B9)
  • Workshop "Processing Tense" (organised by Project B1)
  • Linguistic Evidence 2018
  • DoKo Summer School
    Colloquium on: Diachrone Grammatik des Deutschen (organised by Project C6 & University of Potsdam)
  • Internal Workshop "Einführung in R" (organised by Edith Scheifele, Project B7/Z2)
  • Internal Workshop "Einführung in die deskriptive und Inferenz-Statistik" (organised by Robin Hörnig, Project Z2)
  • Workshop "Linguistics Meets Literature: Speech Act Operators" (organised by Projects A2 & C1)
  • Workshop "Linguistics Meets Literature V: Reflections on Methodology" (organised by Projects A1 & A2)
  • Workshop "Auf der Zielgeraden zur Defensio und Disputatio" (organised by SFB 833 and GRK 1808)
  • Special session "Modification of Events and States: Theoretical and Processing Approaches" (organised by Projects A1, A3, B7 & B8 as part of the Polish Cognitive Linguistics Conference 2018 (PTJK 2018))
  • Workshop "Pragmatic functions of type-nouns: A crosslinguistic phenomenon" (organised by Project C7 and the Linguistic Department of the Romanistic Seminar)
  • Workshops as part of the DGfS-meeting, University of Stuttgart: "Reference Beyond the DP: Towards a Crosslinguistic Typology of the Syntax and Semantics of Proforms" (organised by Vera Hohaus (B1/C1) & Andreas Konietzko (A7)) // "Rede- und Gedankenwiedergabe in narrativen Strukturen" (organised by Maria Averintseva-Klisch, Stefan Engelberg, Irene Rapp (A5)) // "Relating Elliptical Utterances to Information in Context" (organized by Ingo Reich & Susanne Winkler (A7))
  • DFG Network INDUS (Individualized Language Learning: Language Technology Approaches and their Interfaces) Meeting "At the Interface of Second Language Acquisition and Computational Linguistics" (organised by Projects A4 & T1)
  • Student Meeting "Literatur unter linguistischer Lupe" (organised by Project A5)
  • "Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives on Non-Compositional Meaning in Phrases" (organised by Projects A3 & B9)
  • Workshop "MaTüBe: Komplexe Satzstrukturen" (organised by  Projects A5 & C6 in cooperation with ZAS Berlin and IDS Mannheim)
  • MoKo Meeting
  • Workshop "Aspect" (organised by Project C7 and the Linguistic Department of the Romanistic Seminar)
  • Equal opportunities workshop "Zeitmanagement während der Promotion"
  • Workshop "The building blocks and mortar of meaning II" (organised by Project A1 in cooperation with SFB 732 (Stuttgart) and SRF Language and Cognition (Stuttgart))
  • 3. XPrag Dojo Meeting (organised by XPrag)
  • Workshop "Tiere wissen - Tiere erzählen" (organised by Project A2 in cooperation with Research Trainnig Group 1662)
  • Workshop "Phylogenetic Methods in Historical Linguistics"
  • Workshop "Korpusgerechter Sprachvergleich mit Paralleldaten: Praktische Einführung in die Arbeit ParaViz" (organised by Project C2) 
  • "Mehrsprachigkeit & Sprachkontakt im Mittelalter: Syntax und Semantik von Verben" (Section as part of the 35th Romanistentag in Zürich)
  • Linguistic Evidence 2016
  • Workshop "Current Trends in Figurative Language Research" (organised by Project B9)
  • Workshop "Between EXISTENCE and LOCATION: Empirical, Formal and Typological Approaches to Existential Constructions" (organised by Projects A7 & C4)
  • Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature IV – Implicatures across Genres" (organised by Projects A2 & A5)
  • Summer school of the DGfS "Mapping Meaning: Theory - Cognition -  Vatriation" (main organiser: Sebastian Bücking (A1))
  • Workshop "Position und Interpretation: Syntax, Semantik und Informationsstruktur adverbialer Modifikatoren" (organised by Project B8)
  • Workshop "Disputation & Rigorosum: Gut vorbereitet auf die Zielgerade" (SFB 833 in cooperation with GRK 1808)
  • Workshop "Verb Second in Grammar and Processing: Its Causes and its Consequences" (organised by Project B1 in cooperation with Constantin Freitag (University of Konstanz))
  • Workshop "Kreolsprachen"
  • Workshop "Tempus Tuesday" (organised by Project C1)
  • Workshop "The Semantics of African, Aisna nad Austronesian Languages (TripleA 3)" (organised by Project C1)
  • KonferenzLE
  • Workshop "Fragments, Islands and Resumptions"
  • Workshop "Studying Language Learning: From the laboratory to the classroom"
  • Workshop "Nebensatzphänomene - aktuelle Kontroversen und Herausforderungen" (organised by Projects A5 & C6)
  • 6th Conference on Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics
  • Sprachwissenschaftliche Tagung für Promotionsstudierende (STaPs)
  • Sinn und Bedeutung 20 (main organisers: Nadine Bade, Sigrid Beck & Pritty Patel-Grosz)
  • Workshop "Fundraising für junge Wissenschaftlerinnen: von Türöffnern und Tretminen bei der Drittmitteleinwerbung" (organised by Marion Knecht (A7) and Angelika Zirker)
  • Workshop "Freezing: Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Domains" (organised by Project A7)
  • Conference "Coordination and Subordination In Tübingen" (organised by Project C6)
  • TripleA 2: The Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian Languages (organised by Project C1)
  • Workshop "The Division of Labor: A View from Syntax, Semantics, Information Stucture and Processing" (organised by Projects A1, A4, A5, A7, B1, B8, C6 & Z2)
  • Workshop "Experimental Methodology in Semantics and Pragmatics" (organised by Projects B1, C1, Z2, XPrag.de, as well as Janina Radó)
  • Linguistic Evidence 2014
  • 13th International Workshop on Treebanks and Linguistic Theories (TLT13) (organised by Project A3)
  • Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature - Indexicals in Narrative Texts" (organised by Project A2)
  • Workshop "Linguistic versus Non-Linguistic Knowledge" (organised by Projects A1 & B4)
  • Workshop "Pronouns in Embedded Contexts at the Syntax-Semantics Interface" (organised by Patrick Grosz, Pritty Patel-Grosz & Sarah Zobel)
  • Workshop for graduate students "From sentence to text and back again: Approaches to text-type-specific sentence interpretation" (organised by Projects A1 & A2)
  • Workshop "Slavic Languages in the Black Box. Workshop on Empirical Psycholinguistic Methods" (organised by C2 as well as Tanja Anstatt & Christina Clasmeier, Seminar für Slavistik, University of Bochum)
  • Workshop "Computational, Cognitive, and Linguistic Approaches to the Analysis of Complex Words and Collocations" (organised by Project A3 in cooperation with Projects A2 and A4 as part of the ESSLLI-summer school)
  • Workshop "Experimental perspectives on event coercion" as part of the "11th International Conference on Actionality, Tense, Aspect, Modality/Evidentiality" in Pisa (organised by Oliver Bott (B1), Helga Gese (A1), Fritz Hamm and Claudia Maienborn (A1))
  • Workshop "The Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian Languages (TripleA 1)" (C1 in association with GLOW)
  • Workshop "Modifikatoren in Korpora des Deutschen" with Hagen Hirschmann (organised by Project B8 in cooperation with the University of Berlin)
  • KonferenzLE
  • Workshop "Empirical Psycholinguistic Methods" (organised by Project C2)

  • DoKo Summer School

  • "Processing Language in Context: Insights from Empirical Approaches" (Invited Symposium at KogWis, organised by Project B2)

  • Workshop "Focus and Comparative Syntax" (organised by Project A7)
  • Workshop "The Impact of Pronominal Form on Interpretation" (organised by Project C6)
  • Workshop "Artificial Grammar Learning: Learnability, Complexity, and Meaning" (organised by Gerhard Jäger (B2), Barbara Kaup (B4) and Birgit Öttl)
  • Workshop "Discourse Expectations: Theoretical, Experimental and Computational Perspectives" (organised by Oliver Bott (B1))
  • Workshop "Skopuspräferenzen im Ungarischen und Deutschen" (organised by Project B1 in cooperation with Project A7)
  • Meeting "Wordplay and Metalinguistic Reflection: New Interdisciplinary Perspectives" (Dr. Angelika Zirker & Dr. Esme Winter-Froemel (C4))
  • Workshop "Experimental Pragmatics meets Game Theory" (organised by XPrag)
  • Linguistic Evidence 2012
  • Workshop "Understanding the meaning of words and sentences: The role of non-linguistic processes" (organised by Projects B4 & B7)
  • "International Workshop on Variables at the Interface between Form and Meaning"
  • EEG-Workshop with Katja Pöllemann
  • Workshop "Manners - Attitudes - Frames - Causes: Neues von den Adverbialen" (organised by Project A1)
  • Semantik und Pragmatik im Südwesten 4 (SPSW)
  • "LIMES VIII" (organised by Projects C3 & C4 and Romanisches Seminar)
  • Symposium "Linguistic vs. Non-Linguistic Knowledge" (organised by Project A1 & Barbara Kaup)
  • Workshop "Information Structure and its Role in Non-Typical Environments" (organised by Project B8)
  • International Colloquium "Hápax sintácticos y gramática histórica" (organised by Project C3)
  • Workshop "Relativsatz und partizipiale Attribution im Vergleich" (organised by Project A5 and the Department of German Linguistics)
  • Summer school "Dialogues between Form and Meaning: Linguistic Methods in Literary Studies" (organised by Project A2)
  • 3rd Workshop on Semantic Processing, Logic and Cognition (organised by Project B1)
  • Workshop "Sentence-Initial Bare Nouns in Romance Languages" (organised by Project C3)
  • Symposium "Neural and Linguistic Basis of Language Development" (organised by Project B5)
  • Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature – Reflections on Methodology" (organised by Project A2)
  • KonferenzLE
  • Linguistic Evidence 2010
  • 10. Workshop Ereignissemantik: Das Situationsargument bei Adjektiven und Nomina
  • Workshop "Scientific Presentation and Communication" with John Kluempers
  • Statistics-Workshop "Categorical Data Analysis (for R-Avoiders)" with Christoph Scheepers (organised by Projects A1 & B1)
  • Workshop "Zugänglichkeit impliziter Ereignisse" (organised by Project A1)
  • Workshop "Comparison Constructions Crosslinguistically" (organised by Project C1)
  • Meeting "Semantische Neologie und Korpora: Neue Methoden in der Diskussion"
  • Workshop "Focus, Contrast and Givenness in Interaction with Extraction and Deletion" (organised by Project A7)
  • Roundtable "Focus and Processing Complexity" (organised by Project A7)
  • Roundtable "Information Structure in English – A Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective" (organised by Project A7)
  • Seminartag on Neurolinguistics (Susanne Reiterer, Karen Lidzba & Ingo Hertrich)
  • Statistics workshop "Einführung in Linear Mixed-Effects Models" (organised by Project B1)
  • Workshop "Linguistics meets Literature - Interpreting Literary Texts" (organised by Project A2)
  • Workshop "Semantic Processing, Logic and Cognition"
  • Workshop: "Syntactic Constructions, Focus and Meaning" (organised by Project A7)
  • Workshop "Anaphora Resolution". Course at the 5th DGfS Fall School, September 2009, University of Constance (organisied by M. Poesio, K. Rodriguez, Y. Versley).
  • Workshop "Distributional Semantics beyond Concrete Concepts". Workshop at CogSci 2009, August 2009, Amsterdam (organised by Y. Peirsman, Y. Versley, T. Van de Cruys).
  • Roundtable "Analyzing Ambiguity - Linguistic Perspectives" (organised by Project A7)
  • Workshop "Information Structure in the Theory of Grammar and in Language Acquisition" (organised by Project A7)
  • Interdisciplinary Symposium "Dimensions of Ambiguity"


Invited Speakers

Furthermore, we were able to welcome numerous national and international colleagues as guest lecturers - some of them even several times. Our SFB Colloquium, to which we invited renowned researchers related to the entire SFB, took place twice per semester. In addition, our individual projects also organized a large number of guest lectures.

Invited Speakers 2009-2021

Rasha Abdel Rahman / Márta Abrusán / Karin Aguado / Ana Agud / Daniel Altshuler / Anke Assmann / Vahram Atayan / Markus Bader / Adriaan Barentsen / David Beaver / Delia Bentley / Mikael Berger / Rajesh Bhatt / Walter Bisang / Andreas Bischoff / Damian Blasi / Nico Bleutge / Stefan Bloom / Jonathan Bobaljik / Ryan Bochnak / Bernd Bohnet / Olga Borik / Sina Bosch / Christian Bota / Margit Bowler / Elleonore Brandner / Bernhard Brehmer / Walter Breu / Thomas Brochhagen / Julian Brooke / Jessica Brown / Serhiy Bykh /  Seth Cable / Patricia Cabredo Hofherr / Marcus Callies / Jesús Calvillo / Anne Carlier / Alessandra Castilho Ferreira da Costa / Lucas Champollion / Gennaro Chierchia / Guimoar Ciapuscio / Christina Clasmeier / Marco Coniglio / Ryan Cotterell / Peter Culicover / Václav Cvrček / Heike da Silva Cardoso / Mark Davies / Franz d’Avis / Carlota de Benito Moreno / Judith Degen / Ghislaine Dehaene / Vera Demberg / Stefano Demichelis / Ashwini Deo / Lorenzo di Matteo / Markus Dickinson / Dagmar Divjak / Mark Dras / Cornelia Ebert / Penelope Eckert / Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine / François Esvan / Catherine Fabricius-Hansen / Mohammad Fazleh Elahi / Ludwig Fesenmeier / Hana Filip / Thomas François / Lyn Frazier / Werner Frey / Steffen Froemel / Catherine Fuchs / Livio Gaeta / Peter Gallman / Amaia Garcia-Odon / Hans-Martin Gauger / Berit Gehrke / Wilhelm Geuder / Bart Geurts / Henri-Joseph Goelen / Anja Gollard / Sebastian Greußlich / Ulrike Gut / Daniel Gutzmann / Martin Hackl / Valentine Hacquard / Michael Hahn / Harald Hammarström / Julia Hancke / Jutta Hartmann / Robert D. Hawkins / Johannes Heim / Sophie Herment / Carolina Heycock / Stefan Hinterwimmer / Hagen Hirschmann / Philip Hofmeister / Daniel Hole / Andrea Horbach / David Howcroft / Bronson Hui / Nancy Ide / Richard Ingham / Michaela Ippolito / Markus Ising / Agnes Jäger / Laura Janda / Kyle Johnson / Beste Kamali / Elena Karvovskaya / Carina Kauf / Magdalena Kaufmann / Cornelia Kiefer / Tibor Kiss / Wolfgang Klein / Clemens Knobloch / Christine Knoop / Jana Kocková / Todor Koey / Susanne Kolb / Ulla König-Cardanobile / John Korba / Natalia Korotkova / Pavel Kosek / Sybille Kriegel / Manfred Krifka / Sandra Kübler / Frank Kügler / Fred Landman / Ekaterina Laptieva / Daniel Lassiter / Sven Lauer / Angeliki Lazaridou / Robert Levine / Johann-Mattis List / Horst Lohnstein / Giuseppe Longobardi / Anke Lüdeling / Rosemarie Lühr / Cerstin Mahlow / Emar Maier / Christina Märzhäuser / Daniela Marzo / Clemens Mayr / Elin McCready / Daniel Mcdonald / Andrew McKinley / Hans Robert Mehlig / Jörg Meibauer / Cecile Meier / Guido Mensching / Timo Mertens / Barbara Mertins / Machteld Meulleman / Marie-Christine Meyer / Roland Meyer / Tatiana Milliaressi / Serge Minor / Natalia Mitrofanova / Friederike Moltmann / Olivier Morin / Anne Mucha / Deborah Müller / Gereon Müller / Stefan Müller / Thomas Müller / Olav Müller-Reichau / Klaus-Jürgen Nagel / Ad Neeleman / Stefan Michael Newerkla / Rochelle Newman / Rick Nouwen / Álvaro Octavio de Toledo y Huerta / Toshiko Oda / Yoshika Okamatsu / Sophia Oppermann / Sebastian Ortner / Petva Osenova / Dennis Ott / Sebastian Padó / Ulrike Pado / Alexis Palmer / Roumyana Pancheva / Teresa Parodi / Carla Parra Esquartín / Marco Passarotti / Rejeev Patke / Nikole D. Patson / Elena E. Pchelintseva / Doris Penka / Svetlana Petrova / Alexander Peter Pfaff / Colin Philips / Lola Pons Rodríguez / Christopher Potts / Sophie Prévost / James Pustejovsky / Ciyang Qing / Ekaterina Rakhlinina / Ingo Reich / Bing Ren / Lorenzo Renzi / Sophie Repp / Arndt Riester / Esther Rinke / Ian Roberts / Michael Rochemont / Maribel Romero / Johan Rooryck / Susan Rothstein / Aynat Rubinstein / Ivan Sag / Fabienne Salfner / Martin Salzmann / Niko Schenk / Barbara Schlücke / Barbara Schmiedtová / Viola Schmitt / Philip Schulz / Sarah Schulz / Bernhard Schwarz / Florian Schwarz / Gregory Scontras / Guido Seiler / Luca Serianni / Rajamathangi Shanmugasundaram / Ivy Sichel / Radek Šimík / Sasha Simonenko / Ioanna Sitaridou / Stavros Skopeteas / Eva Smolka / Wiliam Snyder / Frank Sode / Giorgos Spathas / Jason Stanley / Manfred Stede / Suzanne Stevenson / Anne Storch / Yanah Stratakova / Stefan Sudhoff / Koji Sugisaki / Balazs Suranyi / Yulia Svetashova / Nick Thieberger / Barbara Tomaszewicz / Jack Tomlinson / Judith Tonhauser / Jürgen Trabant / Rosemarie Tracy / Breta Trawinski / Andreas Trotzke / Hubert Truckenbrodt / Guisy Turco / Mladen Uhlik / Carla Umbach / Matthias Urban / Adam Ussishkin / Sowmya Vajjala / Henk van Riemsdijk / Bob van Tiel / Jozina Vander Klok / Massimo Vedovelli / Rene Venegas / Thomas Verjans / Luis Vicente / Ralf Vogel / Kai von Fintel / Kilu von Prince / Ruprecht von Waldenfels / Wiltrud Wagner / Tessa Warren / Thomas Wasow / Andrew Wedel / Helmut Weiß / Markus Werning / Michael White / Björn Wiemer / Sabrina Wilske / Bodo Winter / Shuly Wintner / Katrin Wisniewski / Eva Wittenberg / Stefanie Wolf / Kazuko Yatsushiro / Hedde Zeijlstra / Torsten Zesch / Malte Zimmermann / Thomas Ede Zimmermann / Jörg Zinken / Katrin Zuschlag