Closing Conference of the SFB 833

Public part: Tue & Wed, 02-03 March 2021, 18-20 h
Academic part: Thur & Fri, 04-05 March 2021

After twelve successful years of intense research, funding of the SFB 833 will end in summer 2021 – and we would like to say goodbye in a memorable way! Unfortunately, the pandemic does not allow for this to happen in the originally planned way... Still, we would like to do our best to make our closing conference a total success online!

Our online conference will consist of two parts:

The public part aims at a broader, non-academic audience. We would like to show what linguistic research looks like and what kind of results our SFB has accumulated.

Public Part - "Linguistics for everyone"

The public part of our closing conference consists of two sections:

Interactive quiz with competition

Here you can test your knowledge on language and linguistics; some of the questions come directly from the research of our projects. Solutions and explanations are presented after the questions.

Link to the quiz

Public talks on two evenings

We plan three publicly available online talks followed by a discussion and the possibility to ask questions on two evenings.

Tue, 02 March 2021
Time Talk

Thanh Lan Truong & Andrea Weber (project B9): "Welche Auswirkungen haben Gesichtsmasken auf das Sprachverstehen?"

Wed, 03 March 2021
Time Talk

Rolf Ulrich (projects B1 & B7): "Denken und Sprechen über Zeit"


Claudia Maienborn (projects A1 & B7): "Von katholischen Kirchenoberhäuptern, ambulanten Versorgungsaufträgen und vierstöckigen Hausbesitzern: Auflösung eines grammatischen Trugbildes"

The academic part aims at our fellow researchers and everyone who supported the SFB during the recent years. Scientists from near and far will be our virtual guests and for two days we will review the twelve years of the SFB 833 together.

Academic Part

04 March 2021
Time Talk
10:30 Welcome
10:35-11:35 Oliver Bott (B2 & Bielefeld) & Fabian Schlotterbeck (ass. B1, B8): Composition in Realtime – The Case of Quantifier Interpretation
11:50-12:50 Malte Zimmermann (Potsdam): On the Role of Situations in Meaning Construction
  - Lunch Break -
14:45-15:45 Sophie von Wietersheim & Kalle Müller (C6): The Syntax of Extrapropositionality
16:00-17:00 Arthur Glenberg (Arizona): The Centrality of Emotion to Language
  - Convivial Get-Together in Small Groups -
05 March 2021
Time Talk
10:30-11:30 Barbara Kaup (B4) & Rolf Ulrich (B1, B7): Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Cognition: A Two-Format View
11:45-12:30 Ruth Keßler (B9): Processing and Mental Representation of Idioms in Children and Adults
  - Lunch Break -
15:00-15:45 Julia Braun (A2): Linguistics and Grammar Education in Germany – The Present Perfect
16:00-17:00 Andrew Kehler (San Diego): Conversational Eliciture: Theory and Applications
17:15-18:15 Sigrid Beck (C1): Another Look at Quantification