With our conferences, we aim at refining the research concept and programme of our CRC and delineating the coordinates of a ‘Different Aesthetics’ by entering into discussion with researchers at national and international level.

Special Lectures

The Special Lectures on ‘Different Aesthetics’, a series of talks hosted by the CRC, are designed to initiate an exploratory fundamental discussion of aesthetic issues. They include eccentric perspectives and engage in debate with present-day points of view. Interested members of the public are specifically encouraged to attend.


The CRC’s workshops are tailored to the research problems treated by the individual units. Their variable setup allows for specialist questions to be discussed in smaller groups including national and international experts and up-and-coming researchers.


Guest lectures are part of what animates the CRC and makes it vibrant and dynamic. In the form of individual inputs, the lectures offer new suggestions for the work of the different projects, methodologically and thematically speaking. Moreover, they connect the CRC’s research directly to university teaching and to the respective institutes.

A list of all events held by the CRC 1391 Different Aesthetics to date is available here.