Service project Geoscientific and geoarchaeological consultation and research data management

Project management: Prof. Dr. Martin Bartelheim, Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten, Dr. Karsten Schmidt
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The integrative spatial reflection and analysis of humanities and geosciences research data is an important component of the interpretation of social and cultural relationships in the context of natural spatial conditions and in the dynamic inherent relationship complex of humans and the environment. Therefore, the first pillar of the scientific service project aims at the geo-competence of all project participants of the
SFB 1070.

  • Establishment of basic geoscientific skills
  • Facilitation and improvement of geo-competence
  • Management of all environmental data
  • Support and consultation
  • Interdisciplinary networking

Contact: Dr. Ruhollah Taghizade

Technical Notes

Research data are as diverse as the research topics and scientific fields of the SFB 1070 itself. At the same time, the requirements of third-party funders for data documentation, storage and reusability are increasing. The resulting increase in demands on the research data management (RDM) of the researchers of the SFB 1070 is specifically supported by the service project and the competences are expanded.

  • Establishment of the RDM basics
  • Facilitation and improvement of RDM competence
  • Support and advice on the management of research data
  • Interdisciplinary linking of research data

Contact: Dr. Tobias Rentschler

RDM Reports