DAAD funding programs

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports well over 100,000 German and international students and scientists around the globe every year – making it the largest funding organization of its kind in the world.

Target groups and scope

The DAAD supports students, graduates, doctoral candidates, postdoctoral researchers, university lecturers and alumni in Germany and abroad. In addition, DAAD funding extends to guest lectureships, university partnerships, student exchanges and much more.

What funding options are available?

In more than 250 different programs, the DAAD supports a variety of target group-oriented measures that serve to promote transnational mobility (in particular different types of stays abroad: semesters abroad, doctoral scholarships, study trips, research stays). Funding is awarded to individual and structured measures which can be topic or country-specific or more general in nature. DAAD funding options are not usually full grants and often require an individual contribution depending on the specific program. Programs for project funding can be found in the DAAD funding database.

Support and advice

The Research Funding Section can provide assistance with all programs that contain research components (strategic partnerships, thematic networks or postdoctoral programs). Programs aimed at students or promoting university teaching abroad are coordinated by Division V – International Office.