Subject-specific introductory events

One of the most important parts of the Orientation Week for all new students is the introductory meeting of your individual subject. Here, you will find out about the structure and content of your study program as well as subject-specific regulations. You will also get to know the most important contact persons, and you will receive help with finding the right classes for your course plan and with fitting them into your schedule.

If you are enrolled in multiple subjects, please try to attend all relevant introductory meetings.

Detailed information about these events

You can find more information about all subject-specific introductory events (sorted by subject groups) online in the Alma-Portal under "Orientation for New Students and Beginners".

Please note:

Time and place of introductory events may be subject to short-term changes. Please make sure to have another look online a few days before the scheduled date.


If you can’t find your study program in the Alma Portal, please contact your faculty course advisor for more information on how to organize your studies.

Some smaller study programs (especially Master’s programs) do not have an introductory meeting, but instead offer individual counseling with your faculty course advisor. If this is the case in your program, you will be notified about this via e-mail.

Registration for lectures and classes

You can normally still register for your first-semester classes after the respective subject-specific introductory event. However, a few lectures and tutorials may have earlier registration deadlines, or there may be a delay so that you only receive your personal access code for the Alma Portal after the deadline has already passed. If something like this happens to you, please contact your faculty course advisor, who will help you in finding an individual solution.