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CIVIS, A European Civic University Alliance, selected as pilot project by the European Commission

CIVIS, alliance of 8 universities, is proud to receive the opportunity to contribute fully to the first phase of construction of this major initiative for the future of the European higher education landscape.

The ambitions of CIVIS will now be transformed into actions and results to boost cooperation at all levels and enhance the quality and attractiveness of our European Civic University composed of Aix Marseille Université (France), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), University of Bucharest (Romania), Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain), Sapienza Università di Roma (Italia), Stockholms Universitet (Sweden), Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen (Germany). 

The CIVIS project will act as role model and define a path to bring our universities together, to increase the opportunities offered to our 384.000 students, and 55.000 staff members in addition to strengthening our international positioning towards Africa and the Mediterranean area. This represents a considerable and exciting challenge. 

Our project aims to promote European values, cultures and citizenship among new generations of students. It will promote inclusive quality education, innovative and integrated educational and research programs, regardless of borders, languages or academic disciplines. The partner universities want to tackle global challenges together, locally and globally: climate and energy, cities and mobility, health, cultural heritage, digital transformation. 

Our partnerships will multiply, in both teaching and research at all levels. To that end, we will facilitate mobility between our campuses, while ensuring the sustainability of our operations and limiting their environmental impact.

Obtaining this European funding today is a first step and places a huge responsibility to contribute to this new development of the European Education Area. This vast project primarily belongs to our students and staff. It will soon be up to them to make CIVIS a reality!

We start this three-year project with a budget of 5 million Euros awarded by the European Commission, but our ambition goes far beyond, with a commitment to develop a European transnational campus, linked to its regions, and creating links across and beyond Europe.


Prof. Dr. Monique Scheer 
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