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Poll: Tübingen graduates satisfied with studies and subsequent professions

Respondents from class of 2011 found work quickly; many pursuing higher studies or traineeships.

More than half of Tübingen University graduates polled recently said they were satisfied with the status, income and work involved in their current professional situation; the same number said the qualifications obtained during their studies have been extremely valuable.

The 1,535 people surveyed graduated in 2011. 52 percent had regular work eighteen months after completing their degrees. Ten percent were in professional traineeships, and 7 percent were self-employed. Some had opted for further studies (14%) or a PhD (15%). Around 3 percent were in internships, and another 3 percent said they were seeking jobs.

The majority of these Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders were employed in the private sector (59% and 74% respectively), while 97 percent of teaching degree graduates were employed in the public sector.

74 percent of the Tübingen graduates surveyed found their first job within three months of graduation – 25 percent of those within one month. On average, they had to apply for three jobs before landing a position. Some 72 percent of the graduates remained in southwest Germany. But more than half of Master’s degree graduates left the region.

The survey was carried out by the University’s Center for Quality Assurance as part of a project coordinated by the International Centre for Higher Education Research in Kassel (INCHER). More than 60 institutions of higher education participate in the Germany-wide project.


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