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The cradle of Biochemistry becomes a museum

Biotech company CureVac sponsors renovation of the Tübingen lab where first step to DNA discovery was made

One of the world’s first biochemistry laboratories is to be opened to the public as a museum. The Tübingen biotechnology enterprise CureVac is sponsoring the project to the tune of €100,000.

The laboratory in question is the former kitchens of Hohentübingen Castle, where Friedrich Miescher discovered nucleic acid, the material of which DNA and RNA are made, in 1869.

“The old kitchens are a very special place to us,” says Dr. Ingmar Hoerr, co-founder and managing director of CureVac. “145 years ago, Friedrich Miescher discovered the molecule here which today forms the basis of our cancer medications and vaccines. We are very proud that the birthplace of RNA is located in our town. This is a great example of innovation over generations – made in Tübingen.”

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The old kitchens in Hohentübingen Castle – the first biochem lab, c.1879. Photo: MUT


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