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Time travel on your couch

The ResourceCultures collaborative research center takes visitors to lost worlds via its virtual museum

The virtual museum: The ResourceCultures collaborative research center provides insight into its research projects.

What do 3000-year-old artefacts from the royal crypt at Qaṭna in Syria have in common with the thousand-year-old wall of Haithabu in northern Germany and the medieval castles of Staufeneck and Ramsberg in southern Germany? They all represent power. And they are all part of the exhibition “Symbols of Power - (In)visible Representation” at the virtual museum built by the ResourceCultures collaborative research center at the University of Tübingen. The museum opened in March and can be visited online.

The visitor can virtually stroll through three rooms, examining objects such as donut stones from Iran, ancient cisterns on Mediterranean islands, and Viking cats. Or you can click your way through the many projects in the collaborative research center’s depot. Following a timeline, you can explore projects from the Early Stone Age right up to the present day. These projects are being carried out by interdisciplinary researchers from the fields of archaeology, cultural anthropology, history and geoscience, and many more.

“We came up with the idea for the museum about two years ago,” says Professor Thomas Thiemeyer, who heads the museum’s project group. “We want to address the public as well as academics, outlining how our research works and how we analyze artefacts which may be thousands of years old; how we arrive at new information which is relevant to us today.” “It was a challenge to work with the more than 60 members of our collaborative research center in one joint project,” says research coordinator Dr. Sandra Teuber. She adds that the most impressive thing was that everyone made a contribution with ideas, photos, videos and texts – alongside their research work.

The 1070 ResourceCultures virtual museum lets people take a trip into the past from the comfort of their own homes – making it the ideal visitor’s tip for these times.

This way to the museum: https://museum-ressourcenkulturen.de


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