Funding and support for early-career researchers

As an early-career researcher, long-term career goals are very important in addition to research activities. In order to prepare for a promising career without worries and to qualify for particular fields of activity, numerous valuable training opportunities and funding programs are realized at the University of Tübingen. This page provides you with information and links to further facilities for funding opportunities.


The Graduate Academy's Consultation offer

Consulting for financial funding for Doctoral candidates & those interested in doing a PhD

Funding opportunities for qualified researchers

Financial funding for qualified researchers; DFG-programs, European Counsil funding

The Graduate Academy

Qualification, consultation & information

Researcher development

Researcher development concepts and networks for researchers

Contact persons

Do you have further questions?
You can find the right contact person on the Researcher development & Graduate Academy's team page.

In addition, you will find some worth knowing content on the topic of financing and funding in the Graduate Academy's Information platform.