CIVIS offers for teaching staff and researchers

CIVIS enables new forms of cooperation in teaching as well as in research – across national and disciplinary borders. In the course of calls for proposals, scientists can apply for funding for projects and activities. The general criterion is that teachers or researchers from at least three CIVIS universities join forces.


Academic cooperation is concentrated and organized in five CIVIS Hubs. The hubs are interdisciplinary thematic fields in which central challenges of our time are to be addressed through collaboration in teaching and research.

The five hubs and the respective contact persons for these topics and the University of Tübingen:

Joint teaching

Support for collaborative courses and degree programs

The CIVIS alliance facilitates and promotes the development of joint teaching offers from single courses like the Blended Intensive Programmes to full degree programs. The team in the "planning and development of degree programs" section at the University of Tübingen advises teaching staff who want to test new concepts in teaching and learning or develop new program concepts. Contact Dr. Christian Zettl for more information.

Support with regard to stays at the partner universities

For questions about stays at the partner universities in the context of teaching cooperations, please contact Lars Banzhaf at the International Office. Further information can also be found on the webpage on staff mobility.

Didactic support

Courses offered within CIVIS face special didactic challenges: They are designed together with teachers from other universities, they are aimed at international students, and they are often conducted in virtual or blended learning formats. Manuel Halseband from the University's Center for Teaching and Learning can advise you with regard to these aspects.

CIVIS places a focus on social engagement. This is also to be reflected in teaching, in which academic learning and social engagement are specifically combined. The Transdisciplinary Course Programme (TRACS) team provides advice on the design and implementation of service-learning courses and offers further information. Contact person: Dr. Iris Nikolopoulos, civic-engagementspam prevention@tracs.uni-tuebingen.de

IT support

When collaborating across borders and developing concepts for joint teaching and research, questions also arise with regard to IT structures and digital processesLea Bey can assist you in these matters, especially with regard to BIPs and micro-programmes. She is also available as a contact person for other concerns regarding digital collaboration.

Joint research

Summer schools and workshops

The University of Tübingen supports summer schools or workshops for the exchange of researchers within the CIVIS Alliance in existing or planned collaborations. The aim is to intensify cooperation and launch new projects. Details on the funding offer


Collaboration of professors

As part of the Excellence Strategy, the exchange of professors within the CIVIS Alliance is funded. The long-term goal of this collaboration should be to initiate joint international third-party funded projectsFurther informationen on funding

Networking in research and teaching

CIVIS Network-Building Activities

Academics interested in collaborating for the exchange of best practices, thematic workshops or disciplinary meetings can organize joint online activities and receive operational support for doing so.

Further information on CIVIS Network-Building Activities

Cooperation with African partner universities

Strategic partnerships

Cooperation with partners in Africa and the Mediterranean is a distinctive feature of CIVIS as a European university alliance and a central component of the CIVIS agenda. Six universities in this region are strategic partners of CIVIS. CIVIS cooperates with them in all academic areas (teaching, research, transfer) and at all levels: For example, the African partners are represented in the CIVIS hubs and in the Steering Committee, participate in CIVIS calls, and collaborate with CIVIS members in joint, third-party funded projects.

Funding opportunities

CIVIS aims to support mobility between alliance members and its partner universities in Africa. It offers funding for visits between partners to enable research-oriented, challenge-based educational activities or postgraduate and staff training. Call details