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Guide to: TYPO3 at the University of Tübingen

The University of Tübingen website is maintained using the content management system TYPO3. The website currently comprises around 50,000 active pages, the content of which is maintained by around 1,000 editors in the central administration, at the faculties and in the departments. The system continues to grow as new projects and facilities are constantly being created and as the websites of existing projects, institutes and facilities are moved from decentral servers to the central TYPO3.

Here, University of Tübingen members will find a summary of important information and requirements for website maintenance using the content management system TYPO3.

TYPO3 courses

TYPO3 basic course:
Employees tasked with maintaining a University website are recommended to attend a TYPO3 basic course at the IT Center at the University of Tübingen (ZDV) - especially if they have no previous knowledge of working with a CMS. In the course you will learn the basics for editorial work with TYPO3.

The online help in the TYPO3 backend and the editorial manuals provide extra help specifically tailored to the editorial needs of the University of Tübingen's websites.

TYPO3 editor account

To be able to work in TYPO3, you need an editor account. You can then log into Typo3 using your ZDV login data. You need to apply for an editor accounts via the ZDV e-application system.

You can also submit applications for other persons (e.g. employees, assistants). In the application system, select "New applications" - "WWW services" - "TYPO3 - Editor account" and fill out the form.

TYPO3 online help

Directly after logging into TYPO3 backend, you will see an online help window. This is meant as a supplement to the TYPO3 course.

For example, the online help in the backend provides an overview of new features in TYPO3, the editorial manuals for download, views and descriptions of CI elements & functions, as well as sample pages with practical-use cases and elements to copy.
You can find the online help in TYPO3 at any time at the beginning of the menu tree.


If you are planning to restructure your pages, please also read the 'Instructions for deleting, moving and renaming pages in TYPO3' after logging in to this page.
If you have any questions or need advice, please contact the online editorial team: ordspam

Video tutorials

On the University of Tübingen YouTube channel,  the online editorial team provides instructional videos for working with TYPO3.

Web style guide for websites outside University TYPO3

Are you planning a web presence outside of the University TYPO3 system? Please refer to the information in our Web styleguide.

After successful registration, University of Tübingen members have access to manuals for TYPO3 editors, information on changing editor rights and instructions on deleting, moving and renaming pages in TYPO3.


To view this page, you need to log in to the University of Tübingen intranet (TYPO3 handbooks and instructions).


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