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Guide to: Purchasing new decentral digital notice boards

Applications from University institutions

The digital notice board (DSB) system used at the University of Tübingen is a service provided by Heineking Media. The servers are not operated by the University. The system is web-based and may be accessed by University institutions.

If a University institution wishes to put its own digital notice board into operation, the institution itself must procure it, arrange for the structural installation and be responsible for maintenance of the device. The digital notice board may be connected to the central DSB system.

Getting a digital notice board - details

1. Initial meeting between user institution and the Public Relations Department providing information on options and general use of DSB.

2. Rough decision on the location and clarification of any unclear details:

  • Contact with the electronic noticeboard provider MR Datentechnik with a request for an initial offer
  • Funding (cost center), if necessary informal application to Public Relations Department/President’s Office for supplementary funding
  • Fire safety measures. Fire safety must always be taken into account. The interaction between the device, its location and installment in the building must be clarified in a further procedure by the specialist planning department.
  • Network connection (RJ45 Gbit connection)
  • Power connection (Schuko socket 16A)

3. Procedure

  • New construction, renovation - The DSB must be specified under use requirements when the installment document is prepared.
  • Existing building - A building application for the DSB must be submitted to the University's Buildings and Facility Management (Division VIII, Section 1).

4. Determination of fire safety measures and installation preparations (mains, electricity) by a technical planner. This task is assigned as part of the construction project.

  • The technical planner initiates all necessary construction steps.
  • The technical planner provides information on equipment, such as size and fire safety category.

5. The user institution selects the equipment on this basis. It places a procurement order with Purchasing (Division VII, Section 3).

6. Installation is carried out by a specialist company as part of the construction work.

7. The device is put into technical operation (software installation and configuration of the network connection) under the supervision of ZDV/Holger Haug.

8. For the informational operation of the device, the Public Relations Department will provide support and compact training on how to create content.

9. Troubleshooting in case of equipment malfunction is the responsibility of the user facility; assistance from ZDV/Holger Haug is available.


The Public Relations Department provides support in the form of an initial discussion on the use of the digital notice boards, provides spot templates in the University of Tübingen's corporate design and offers short training sessions on how to create the content. The editorial contact person is Judith Kochannek, Email ordspam

The IT Center handles the connection to the network and provides technical support for the central DSB system. For technical support, contact Holger Haug, Email holger.haugspam

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