Botanical Gardens

Mosses - overlooked diversity

Moose are an amazingly diverse and species rich plant group, which is often overlooked. In the Botanical Garden you are able to get to know mosses. On the signposted moss trail, 45 different species of mosses are introduced, find out many interesting facts about their biology, ecology and importance to humans.

You can get a free leaflet detailing the stations along the moss trail in the foyer of the greenhouses.

An accompanying booklet (99 pages, €8,00) with numerous pictures and explanations of the mosses seen in the Botanical Garden, can be purchased, this booklet introduces the mosses in detail. A reduced price of €3,00 applies for school children and students.

Guided tours of the moss trail or special teaching experiences for schools can be booked anytime, pecxlease contact us on 07071/29-78822 or moospfad-tuebingenspam

"Moose - Übersehene Vielfalt" (2011) in German, 99 pages, € 8,00 Euro. Postal delivery in Germany is available upon payment of €10,00.

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