The Deutschlandticket as a Job Ticket for Employees of the University of Tübingen at a Glance

Depending on where you live, there are two versions of the JobTicket:

1. Deutschlandticket for state employees

If you live outside of Tübingen, it costs € 46.55 and you can order it via naldo (Verkehrsverbund Neckar-Alb-Danau) or other transport networks listed with the LBV (State Office for Salaries and Pensions), e.g., VVS (Verkehrsverbund Stuttgart), where you can request the subsidy online via the LBV client portal.

Another option is available for a surcharge, e.g. from naldo or the VVS, which includes transferability and the possibility of taking along further passengers. However, these optional extras are only valid within the network of the respective transport association.

2. Deutschlandticket Tübingen for state employees

If you live in Tübingen (including suburbs/“Teilorte”), it costs € 32.30 and can only be ordered via naldo.

Both tickets are subsidised by the state of Baden-Württemberg with € 25 per month, provided that the salary is paid by the LBV and the subsidy request is on file with the LBV. The tickets are also available as first class tickets, for an additional € 49 per month on top of the base price.

Important information:

The following applies to job ticket orders with naldo:

The job ticket is only available online at the naldo subscription portal and requires registration (www.abos.naldo.de). Furthermore, you must enter the employer number and your personnel number. On the naldo website, the steps for ordering tickets are described (https://www.naldo.de/tickets/deutschlandticket-fuer-landesbedienstete/, in German only).

The request for a state subsidy for the job ticket must be submitted offline using the form “Antrag auf den Zuschuss zum JobTicket BW” (request for a subsidy for the JobTicket BW). naldo provides it for download on its website. This form can also be downloaded from the LBV and filled out via keyboard. Instructions for filling in the form are also provided (https://lbv.landbw.de/, in German only).
Click on Service / JobticketBW, then select Verkehrsverbund Neckar-Alb-Donau (naldo).

Updated: 09/2023

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