Current information for all JobTicket BW customers:

  • naldo has raised prices network-wide as of October 1, 2022; however, Tübingen city tickets will not become more expensive until March 1, 2023.

A job ticket is a season ticket for public transport that is subsidized by employers. A job ticket aims to facilitate an environmentally friendly commute.

As of January 2016, the state of Baden-Württemberg has introduced the “JobTicket BW” for all state employees and grants a subsidy of 25 EUR / month. In addition, the Neckar-Alb-Donau transport association (naldo) provides a 10 percent discount.

The “JobTicket BW” is only available as an annual subscription with monthly payment. This has two major advantages for job ticket customers: If the subsidy is paid once a year, it would be taxable as a non-cash benefit; split over 12 months, however, it is not. Secondly, smaller instalments benefit low-income employees in particular, thus implementing a long-standing demand on the part of this group of employees.

The “JobTicket BW” is not subject to any limitations as compared to a regular annual travel pass and can of course also be used during leisure time. However, a new subscription is necessary; it is not possible to subsidize existing annual subscriptions. The minimum subscription period of the “JobTicket BW” is 12 months, but is not linked to the calendar year. This means that state employees can start the “JobTicket BW” subscription on the first day of every month.

Further information on the “JobTicket BW” is available on the homepage of the State Office for Salaries and Pensions (LBV, in German only).

Please note that your subscription documents must be sent directly to the naldo-AboCenter Tübingen. If you have any further questions, please contact the AboCenter directly.

Last updated: January 2023