Variation in the Interpretation Component of the Grammar

C1 aimed at contributing to a theory of crosslinguistic variation. In the last project phase, we put our focus on variation at the semantics/pragmatics interface, which has received little attention in the research literature so far. The three major research areas were (i) quantification over alternatives and its crosslinguistic and diachronic relationship to other forms of quantification, (ii) intervention effects, which gave us a better understanding of how alternative-evaluating operators interact with each other and (iii) the interaction of speech act operators with adverbials and particles crosslinguistically. By addressing these topics, the project contributed significantly to the understanding of the interaction between meaning composition and context.


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Crosslinguistic Data

Grammar of Alternatives

If you have any questions regarding the data, or are interested in the data collected for individual languages, feel free to contact Vera Hohaus. Where links are available, feel free to also contact the researcher responsible for collection of the respective data.

Language Collected by Publications
Arabic Julia Braun

Braun (2016, B.A. Thesis)

Hindi Konstantin Sachs  
Nenets Polina Berezovskaya  
Russian Polina Berezovskaya  

Vera Hohaus

Anna Howell

Hohaus & Howell (2015)

Şehriban Erbektaş

Vera Hohaus

Erbektaş (2016)
Yorùbá Anna Howell Howell (2015)
Comparison Constructions


Beck, S. Crosslinguistic variation in comparison constructions. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 9, 1-66.    Beck et al. (2009)

Beck, S., Hohaus, V. & Tiemann, S. A note on phrasal comparatives. Proceedings of SALT 22 (pp. 146-165).    Sigrid Beck, Vera Hohaus & Sonja Tiemann    +Appendix

Language Collected by Publications
Bulgarian Svetlana Krasikova  
Guaraní Daniel Fleischer Fleischer (2007, Zulassungsarbeit)

Christiane Savelsberg,

Konstantin Sachs

Savelsberg (2011, Magisterarbeit)
Hungarian Remus Gergel  
Mandarin Svetlana Krasikova

Krasikova (2008),

Tiemann, Hohaus, Beck (2012)

Móoré John Vanderelst  
Motu Elisabeth Villalta  
Romanian Remus Gergel Gergel (2010)
Russian Svetlana Krasikova Krasikova (2009)

Elisabeth Villalta,

Vera Hohaus

Hohaus (2010, Magisterarbeit)

Hohaus (2012, Sula6)

Spanish Remus Gergel  
Thai Stefan Hofstetter Hofstetter (2010)
Turkish Stefan Hofstetter

Hofstetter (2009)

Hofstetter (2012)


John Vanderelst,

Anna Howell

Vanderelst (2010)

Howell (2012, Magisterarbeit)