LEAD Graduate School & Research Network


Are you a PhD candidate at the University of Tübingen and doing your doctorate on an education-related topic? Would you like to do so within a structured program and be part of an international and interdisciplinary network? New applications for associations are always welcome!

Associate membership is open not only for PhD candidates but for all faculty members and postdocs of the University of Tübingen. Details on how to apply can be found below.

For prospective PhD candidates

PhD candidates meeting the following four criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • Financial support for their PhD term is secured, e.g. in form of a stipend or a staff position for a total of three years.
  • The PhD research is relevant to the LEAD Graduate School & Research Network and the candidate is prepared to contribute to the mission of LEAD, and will fully comply with the LEAD excellence standards in terms of research, relevance, and responsibility.
  • You are supervised or co-supervised by a member of the LEAD Faculty.

LEAD welcomes students who are engaged in other existing doctoral programs as long as their time budget allows. PhD candidate applications should include an application cover sheet (link to pdf), a CV, certificates (incl. high school diploma), a research proposal (exposé), and a letter of motivation describing the reasons for the application. Applicants should send their application electronically in a single pdf attachment to coordinationspam prevention@lead.uni-tuebingen.de.

For any other prospective researchers

Applicants should send their letter of motivation (max. 1.5 pages) as well as their CV electronically to coordinationspam prevention@lead.uni-tuebingen.de.