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LEAD Hires Junior Research Group Leader

Dr. Aiste Jusyte to join LEAD

On April 1, Dr. Aiste Jusyte will join the LEAD team as junior research group of the Intersection Mental Disorders, Learning, and School. She was previously working as research assistant in the research group Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the University of Tübingen.

Her main research interests revolve around the investigation of Social Information Processing (SIP). In her previous projects, she examined how disruptions in SIP contribute to the emergence and maintenance of externalizing (antisocial personality and conduct disorder, ADHD, psychopathy) and internalizing disorders (depression, anxiety).

Within LEAD, she is especially interested in the examination of SIP deficits in adolescents and children with mental disorders. Therefore she will investigate the perceptual, cognitive and neural risk factors associated with the emergence of aggressive behavior in different developmental stages as well as their link to academic success. She will also develop and evaluate novel intervention methods targeting information processing deficits and emotion regulation in aggression-prone youths.