Current Events

Idea to product: Hardware development workshop @ the Innovation Lab 19.05.2021  
Responsible Leadership Training 20.05.2021  
Gründen als Freiberufler/in 20.05.2021  
 Unternehmensplanspiel TOPSIM - Startup 10.06.2021  
Open Innovation: Design Thinking Sprint Training  11.06.2021  
Design Thinking - Introduction to Innovation Principles 18./19.06.2021  
Idea to product: Electronic and embedded computing workshop @ the Innovation Lab 24.06.2021 Anmeldung
Business Model Generation & Entrepreneurial Thinking 25./26.06.2021  
Towards True Leadership: Leading Myself and Others 01.07.2021  
Kleingewerbe gründen - wie geht das? 02.07.2021 Anmeldung
From Innovator to Business (Young Entrepreneurs in Science Workshop) 08./09.07.2021 Anmeldung
Idea to product: Software and apps workshop @ the Innovation Lab 23.07.2021 Anmeldung

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We regularly organize events to provide information about entrepreneurship and startups at the University of Tübingen, to train innovators, and to help founders network with fellow entrepreneurs.


Our focus is on three main areas:


Seminars and workshops on fundamental issues, such as developing a business model, financing, design thinking, etc.

Innovation Programs

Here, teams can work on concrete startup ideas, for example as part of the World Citizen School.

Community Events

Individual events such as founder meetups, pitch events etc., where the startup scene from Tübingen and the region can meet.

Semester Events

Events during the winter semester:

Grundlagen für den unternehmerischen Start 05.11.2020 bis 25.02.2021
Ideation - How to come up with an idea for a Start-up 07.11.2020
Business Model Generation & Design Thinking 13.11.2020 und 14.11.2020
Startup Academy 18.11.2020 bis 17.02.2021
Gründung für Geistes- und SozialwissenschaftlerInnen 10.11.20 und 20.11.2020
Kleingewerbe gründen 20.11.2020
Selbstständigkeit als Freiberufler 11.12.2020

To register and for more courses, visit Studium Professionale.


Innovation Programs

In order to provide optimum support for startup teams, we have launched innovation programs with topical focal points. The workshops “Entrepreneurship Essentials”, “Life Science Series” and “Social Innovation” provide teams with practical experience and the tools they need to implement their projects.
More information about the Startup Academy is available here: https://uni-tuebingen.de/de/182611.