Leave of absence

We accept completed and signed applications for leave of absence, which you send scanned by e-mail to studierendensekretariat@zv.uni-tuebingen.de.

Application deadline for summer semester: April 15, 2024

As a rule, the period of leave of absence should not exceed two semesters.

Please note that the leave of absence is by nature limited in time or tailored to recognizably temporary circumstances and cannot be granted permanently. 

The application should be made during the re-enrollment period

  • for the summer semester: from 15 January to 15 February
  • for the winter semester: from 1 June to 15 August

but generally at the latest before the beginning of the respective lecture period of a semester:

for the summer semester 2024: 

by April 15, 2024 at the latest


for the winter semester 2024 / 2025: 

by october 14, 2024 at the latest


Only if the important reason for the leave of absence occurs later, without this being foreseeable, the application shall be submitted to the student administration office immediately after the occurrence of the unforeseen event.

Reasons for a leave of absence

Upon their application, students may be exempted from the obligation to study properly for good cause (leave of absence).

For details and a full list of the reasons for leave of absence, please refer to the application for leave.

You can find more information on the subject of leave of absence by clicking on the following links:

No leave of absence is possible for the following reasons:

Exam preparation, avoiding exam deadlines, financial hardship, earning money, moving house, renovating, building a house, taking a holiday in the literal sense of the word, family celebrations of all kinds.

Please note: A leave of absence for a study stay at a foreign university is not possible.

With the leave of absence you are released from the student rights and obligations, i.e. you cannot, for example, take part in elections or be elected, nor can you perform any exam-relevant academic work. Examination deadlines are normally suspended during the leave of absence. Students with child and care responsibilities are entitled to participate in courses and to perform study and examination work.

What should be taken into account during a leave of absence

According to the State Law on Higher Education, a leave of absence should normally not exceed two semesters. This means that a leave of absence for a third semester is only possible in extreme exceptional cases.

For processing, the application for leave of absence and the corresponding proofs (e.g. medical certificates, proof of internship, etc.) are required. The clerks in the Student administration office are responsible for processing.

In order to process the application for leave of absence, it is necessary that the fees and contributions due despite the leave of absence have been paid and registered by the student administration office. Payment shall be made by transfer of the fees and contributions due for the re-registration. Students on leave of absence must also generally pay the administrative fee,  the student services fee and fee for the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim AöR per semester.

According to the admission and enrollment regulations of the University of Tübingen, a leave of absence for previous semesters is excluded. Registration and immediate leave of absence is not possible!

Student teachers: The compulsory internship prescribed by the new examination regulations is already included in the standard period of study, which is why no leave of absence is possible.

Upon written application, the leave of absence can be cancelled for the current semester. The application must be submitted by the end of the lecture period at the latest. If necessary, please contact your clerk at the Student administration office directly and clarify the necessary formalities with him or her.

Unfortunately, the student department cannot provide information about the consequences of a leave of absence for BAföG or child benefit.

Note on statutory accident insurance protection: During an internship you are not insured against accidents by the university. The reason is that you are leaving the university's area of responsibility and organization for the duration of the internship. Therefore, please clarify before your leave of absence whether you are subject to statutory accident insurance for your internship. If this is not the case, you would otherwise have to take out private insurance if necessary.

Please note that a leave of absence for one semester can lead to problems in the further course of studies for subjects with annual operation. In the case of the annual programme, the first semester of study can only ever begin in the winter semester. Lectures for the even subject semesters are therefore only offered in the summer semester. For example, you are in the 3rd semester of the winter semester and want to take a leave of absence for the following summer semester. You will then be in your 4th semester after the leave of absence in the following winter semester. However, lectures for the fourth semester are only offered in the summer semester. Therefore, before taking a leave of absence, please enquire at the student advisory service whether and if so, which problems the leave of absence here may cause for you. Here you will find an overview of the study advisors.

Students of the state examination programs in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy please note

that the minimum study periods or semesters specified in the respective licensing regulations must be proven before admission to the respective state examinations can be granted. Leave semesters do not count towards the minimum study periods, regardless of the university credits and examinations taken in them.

Application form

Application for leave of absence for the summer semester 2024

to be submitted by April 15, 2024 at the latest


Application for leave of absence for the winter semester 2024 / 2025

to be submitted by October 14, 2024 at the latest