If you are enroled at the University of Tübingen, have not yet finished your degree, and plan to continue your studies next semester, you must re-enroll within the designated re-enrollment period. Once you have done this, your “Leporello” (data checklist and ID) for the coming semester will be sent to you.

The details required for re-enrollment are sent to all students’ University e-mail accounts when the re-enrolment period begins. The re-enrollment period is usually

June 1 – August 15 for re-enrollment in the following winter semester

January 15 –February 15 for re-enrollment in the following summer semester.

You may authorize a direct debit from your bank account for student union fees and other charges via the CAMPUS-System CAMPUS-System within the re-enrollment period.

Direct debits authorized after the re-enrollment period will incur a fine of €10.
Fees must be paid into the University account by the end of the re-enrollment period. Fees paid after the closing date will incur a fine of €10.

You may also pay your re-enrollment fees by bank transfer to the following account:
Baden-Württembergische Bank AG
Bank route no.: 60050101 Account: 7477503621

International bank transfers:
BIC: SOLADEST and IBAN: DE29 6005 0101 7477 5036 21

The transfer must be accompanied by your enrollment number – nothing else.
After re-enrolling, you can extend the validity of your chipcard (adding the new semester to the card) at the terminals available.

If you fail to re-enrol for the winter semester by September 30 or for the summer semester by March 30, and you have not canceled your enrolment (exmatrikulieren) or registered an official leave of absence your enrollment will be canceled by the University.