Guide to searching the Praxisportal

General search hints

You can specify various search criteria: postal code (place of work), type of job advertisement (internship, position, etc.), field of activity and free text search. The Praxisportal will then display the advertisements that meet all the criteria specified.

An example: You are looking for internships in the media sector in and around Tübingen?
Type of job advertisement Internship, field of activity Media, Journalism, postal code  7207

If several types of advertisements or fields of activity come into question for you, you can combine several filters within one criterion. The system then displays all the results that apply to one or more filters in a criterion.

You would also consider a position in public relations in addition to the media sector?
Type of job advertisement  Internship, fields of activity  Media, Journalism Marketing, Public Relations, Communication, postal code 7207

If you do not yet have a concrete idea of your professional future, it is best to use the "Fields of activity" filter to find out about a wide range of possibilities. Those with a clear career goal will achieve the best results with the free text search.

Criteria that are better found in the free text search:

  •     Specific employers: Daimler, Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut
  •     Specific categories of employers: museum, publisher, advertising agency
  •     Concrete activities: consultant, social media manager, Java programmer

Postal code search

This is a proximity search. You can enter any number of digits of a postal code - starting with the first digit. The fewer digits you enter, the larger the enclosed area.

Some examples for the postal code search:

  •     Postal code search 7207 - Tübingen
  •     Postal code search 727 - Reutlingen
  •     Postal code search 70 - Stuttgart

All active search criteria are listed directly below the search field for the free text search. Before starting a new search, it is important to remove all search criteria from the last search.

Search subscriptions

You may subscribe to any search. The Praxisportal then sends an e-mail as soon as a call for applications fulfilling the specified search criteria is published.

If you have found suitable search criteria for yourself and would like to stay up to date on new results, then create a search subscription!

We will send e-mails to your student e-mail address. Under "My Profile" you can enter an alternative e-mail address and set the frequency of e-mail messages.

My profile

Under "My Profile", users enter both their faculty and their subject or department. The visibility of calls for applications can be restricted by employers to certain faculties or subjects.

Students who belong to two faculties / subjects can easily change their faculty affiliation - under the tab "My profile".


A feedback button is located at the bottom right of the scroll bar. You can use this button to send questions or suggestions to the Praxisportal team.


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQs.