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Cancer research prize for Tübingen scientist

Recognition for revolutionary treatments developed by Professor Hans-Georg Rammensee

Professor Hans-Georg Rammensee of Tübingen University’s Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology received one of Germany’s most prestigious prizes in Oncology, the 2013 German Cancer Aid Prize, in Bonn on Tuesday. The award is in honor of his work in the field of antigen presentation and T-cell recognition, which has led to vital discoveries in recognition of tumors by the immune system.

Professor Rammensee works on vaccines, tailor-made to the individual patient, which activate the immune system to attack kidney and prostate tumors. The vaccines are developed by two associated companies, immatics and CureVac, and have been successful in initial clinical trials. In 2013, Professor Rammensee received a European Research Council Advanced Grant to further his project on mutaediting – in which he aims to examine in detail the interaction between the mutations of cancer cells and the reactions of the human immune system.

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