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Tübingen researchers collaborate in major EU food project

Neuroscientists investigate brain’s role in eating habits – Project aims to reduce obesity and diabetes

Would you rather eat a schnitzel with fries or a fresh green salad? The European Union is sponsoring research into our food choices in a €9m project called Nudge It. Tübingen researchers will be joining with colleagues from six European countries to investigate the metabolic, neurobiological, psychological and social foundations of our eating behavior. It’s hoped that a better understanding will make it easier to prevent obesity and associated conditions such as adult-onset diabetes, which are increasing the burden on European health services.

A total of 16 institutions from Denmark, the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland are taking part in the five-year project, which is coordinated by the University of Edinburgh. The Tübingen research teams led by PD Dr. Hubert Preissl (Institute of Medical Psychology/ Fetal Magnetoencephalography Center, fMEG) and Professor Andreas Fritsche (Internal Medicine IV) will use clinical imaging to examine the processes in the brain which influence our eating habits. Hormonal influences are of particular interest; the Tübingen researchers have many years of experience in the field and cooperate with German research centers focusing on adiposity and on diabetes.

The project aims to provide policymakers with the scientific foundation to promote healthier eating via practical help. The project is called “Nudge it” – underlining the idea that a gentle push in the right direction can be more helpful than radical bans.

Details at www.nudge-it.eu


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