Digital learning for Sustainable Development with the University of Tübingen (DLSD)

As part of the project funded by the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg, a digital English-language course introducing the topic of sustainable development (SD) is being designed, implemented and scientifically accompanied at the University of Tübingen. The course is designed as a modular digital learning journey and teaches basic concepts and current topics of SD. In the context of a holistic education for sustainable development, the course includes interactive, participative and reflective elements (e.g. small group phases, learning diary). In this way, the participants are encouraged to learn and reflect globally, to think critically and to act responsibly in the sense of SD.

In order to strengthen the diversity of perspectives in the design of the course, lecturers from various disciplines as well as external experts from the field are involved. Both regional and global perspectives (including from the Tübingen region and from partner universities in countries of the Global South) become visible in the format.

Students are important actors and multipliers for (E)SD. Both in education and profession, but especially as civil society activists. Therefore, the project aims to familiarize students as future "change agents" with the contents of SD and to strengthen their design and action competencies.

The inter- and transdisciplinary online learning offer is aimed at students of all subjects (up to 300-500 people per semester). Due to the digital and English-language design, students from international partner universities are also addressed.

Project duration:

April 2021 to March 2022

IZEW team:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Potthast - Project Management

Dr. Diana Grundmann - project coordination

Amelie Schönhaar - research assistant

Florian Kellner - research assistant

Arno Schmidt - student assistant


Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management Baden-Württemberg