Botanical Gardens

Find the treasure chest amongst the trees!

The Botanical Garden Tübingen offers a treasure hunt for families, birthday celebrations or school classes, in the Arboretum. The treasure hunt is an educational game which will leads the children or teenagers all over the Arboretum. To solve the riddles the participants must investigate various plants. At the end of the game, the correct answers will be the Code to open the treasure chest. The chest contains a small treasure as a reward (this can be topped up by parents or teachers at the beginning of the treasure hunt).

The treasure hunt "Find the treasure chest amongst the trees!" is suitable for the following ages:

8–11 years, 11–13 years and 13–16 years

The treasure hunt can be booked via the office of the Botanical Garden. Advanced bookings for the weekend are available upon request.


Families: 8 €

Birthday celebrations 12 €

School classes: 15 €

Interested? : Book via

Administrative Office Botanischer Garten

Opening hours: Mon–Thurs 9–13 Uhr

Tel: 07071/29-78822, Email:

Hartmeyerstr. 123, 72076 Tübingen

All information is available in this pdf (in German).

Idea and layout for our treasure hunt was provided to us by the Botanical Garden Freiburg.