Program for the Promotion of Junior Researchers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I do not have my PhD certificate yet. Can I still apply?

Yes. In this case you must hand in a statement by the Dean’s Office that your disputation has taken place. Your PhD certificate must be submitted when available.

What is the effective date in regards to the 5 years after my PhD?

The date of your PhD certificate.

Can I apply if I am not employed at the University of Tübingen?

Since you cannot raise funds for your own position via this funding model, you need to be employed at the University of Tübingen. In individual cases, a scholarship that secures the project’s duration in Tübingen can suffice.

Can I re-apply to the program?

Yes, if you have successfully raised external funds within the scope of the program for the promotion of junior researchers.

For what duration can I apply for funding? I need less than 18 months; can I still apply for the full funding amount?

The duration is up to a maximum of 18 months. It is not a problem if you need only a year of funding. The submission of your third party funding proposal is, however, mandatory and must be documented.

Who needs to sign where?

The “declaration & fact sheet” (available via the Excellence Initiative’s Internal Documents) must be signed by:

  • applicant
  • dean
  • institute director (because of the commitment of facilities).

You must submit the original signed form and a copy.

What should I do if my institute director is not here?

All signatures are mandatory. In exceptional cases, if it is not possible to obtain the signature of the institute director, the applicant must contact the research support office.

If necessary, the signature can be submitted later (in consultation with the research support office); until then, the deputy institute director must sign the data sheet. (When the institute director returns, the data sheet must be reprinted and submitted with the missing signature.)