General Meeting of the DGfS


  Thursday, 24.02.2022, 3 pm

Zoom - please note the modalities (see below)

Please ensure that you have installed the most recent version of Zoom.

Please note:

Only DGfS members (irrespective of conference attendance) are entitled to attend the General Meeting.

Therefore, you will find the access link to the General Meeting on the following password-protected website:

Link to the General Meeting

Access has been given to all DGfS members shortly before the start of the conference via email by the DGfS secretary Britta Stolterfoht.

Please be aware that your identity must be verifiable before you are admitted to the General Meeting. This requires you to log in via Zoom using your first and last name (instructions on how to change your name in Zoom are below).

Our admission team will verify the identity and membership of everyone who joins via Zoom before admitting them to the General Meeting. Entry is possible from 14:30. Therefore, please log into the Zoom meeting as soon as possible (at least immediately after the end of your AG) and remain in the waiting room for a short while, if necessary, so that the General Meeting can start on time at 15:00.

Thank you for your understanding!

How do I rename myself in Zoom?

1. Open the webpage zoom.us in your browser and sign in.

2. Click on MY ACCOUNT in blue in the top right-hand corner.

3. This opens your profile. Click on EDIT to the right of your name.

4. You see First Name, Last Name, and Display Name. 

5. Change your DISPLAY NAME so that it contains both names, e.g. Joan Jones.

6. Then your right to attend the DGfS meeting can be checked.

7. If this will absolutely not be possible due to technical reasons, please contact us until at least an hour before the General Meeting will start and provide us with your alternate zoom name.