You can download a table containing the schedules of all workshops here:

AG overview (pdf) - state 18.02.2022

** See "news" for possible short-term changes **

AG1 - Towards a Comparative Historical Dialectology: Evidence from Morphology and Syntax 

Coordination: Sophie Ellsäßer, Ann-Marie Moser, Lea Schäfer

Website Programme (pdf)

AG2 - Commitments in Grammar and Discourse

Coordination: Anton Benz, Manfred Krifka, Marvin Schmitt

Website Programme (pdf)

AG3 - Long Distance Dependencies and the Structure of Embedded Clauses in African Languages

Coordination: Katharina Hartmann, Malte Zimmermann

*Please note that some slots have changed, for details see the own website of AG3*

Website Programme (pdf)

AG4 - Change of State Verbs – Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives

Coordination: Paola Fritz-Huechante, Antonio Machicao y Priemer

*Please note that some slots have changed, for details see the own website of AG4*

Website Programme (pdf)

AG5 - Visual Communication. New Theoretical and Empirical Developments

Coordination: Cornelia Ebert, Clemens Mayr, Markus Steinbach

Website Programme (pdf)

AG6 - Optionality and Non-Optionality of Syntactic Movement

Coordination: Anke Himmelreich, Johannes Mursell

Website Programme (pdf)

AG7 - The Diachrony of Word Class Peripheries

Coordination: Tanja Ackermann, Linnéa C. Weitkamp, Christian Zimmer

Programme (pdf)

AG8 - How Productive is Derivational Morphology?

Coordination: Jenny Audring, Kristian Berg

Programme (pdf)

AG9 - Narration in Context

Coordination: Julia Lukassek, Dina Serova, Britta Schulte

Website Programme (pdf)

AG10 - Discourse Obligates (short workshop)

Coordination: Robin Lemke, Lisa Schäfer, Heiner Drenhaus, Ingo Reich

Website Programme (pdf)

AG11 - Adaptive Linguistic Complexity: Readability, Developmentally Proximal Input, Alignment (short workshop)

Coordination: Detmar Meurers, Zarah Weiss

Programme (pdf)

AG12 - The Graphematics/Pragmatics Interface (short workshop)

Coordination: Mailin Antomo, Nathalie Staratschek, Sonja Taigel

Programme (pdf)

AG13 - Interpunktion verpflichtet (short workshop)

Coordination: Marcel Schlechtweg, Nanna Fuhrhop

Programme (pdf)

AG14 - (Warum) ist Sprache rhythmisch? (short workshop)

Coordination: Lars Meyer, Antje Strauß

Programme (pdf)

AG15 - Literal and Figurative Meanings of Compounds (short workshop)

Coordination: Natascha Elxnath, Stefan Engelberg 

Programme (pdf)