25.02.2022, 12:10
Thank you!

The Tübingen host team would like to thank all participants, whether they have led an AG, given a speech, or just attended, for contributing to this conference. We are pleased that a total of 705 people took part. We enjoyed it a lot!

25.02.2022, 09:20
AG7: Talk cancelled

The talk of Marius Albers ("Particle-prefix combinations in German verb-formation", 12:15 Uhr) unfortunately had to be cancelled.

24.02.2022, 13:40
Statement on the attack on the Ukraine

The invasion of the Ukraine by Russian troops last night is deeply shocking. The current developments cause us great concern and our thoughts are with the people in the crisis region. As organizers of the DGfS annual conference, we have asked ourselves whether a continuation of the conference is possible under these conditions. We have come to the conclusion that academic exchange and the opportunity for informal encounters among linguists from all over the world on our gathertown platform are especially important now, as they set a sign for a peaceful world capable of communication. The organizers of the 44. Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society in Tübingen

24.02.20222, 8:15
ATTENTION! Some Links for AGs had to be changed!

Due to technical issues the links of several AGs had to be changed. You will find the new links from now on on the password-protected website (https://www.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de/~gjaeger/dgfs-ags/) and on gather.town (perhaps please refresh your browser or clear the cache). Thank you very much for your understanding!

23.02.2022, 13:45
ATTENTION - Links for 3 AGs have been changed!

The links for the AGs 2, 7 and 9 had to be changed due to technical issues - links are on the password-protected website or can be asked at the desk - we are very sorry!

23.02.2022, 11:35
AG3: Talk of Abigail Anne Bimpeh cancelled

The invited talk of Abigail Anne Bimpeh (LZAS Berlin) on Fri, 25.02., 13:15 unfortunately had to be cancelled.

23.02.2022, 10:10
AG9: Talk of Mili Aishwarya (Dehli) on Thur, 24.02., 10:00

The cancelled talk of Boris Maslov (Oslo) on Thur, 24.02., 10:00 will be replaced by the following alternate talk: Mili Aishwarya (Delhi), "Analysing Narratives in the Performative Art of Indian Puppetry"

22.02.2022, 12:05
AG9: Talk of Laura Rehberger cancelled

The talk of Laura Rehberger (Wuppertal) on Fri, 25.02., 12:15 had to be cancelled

22.02.2022, 11:55
AG12: Changes

*Wed, 23.02., 14:15*: The talk of Rita Finkbeiner (Mainz) unfortunately had to be cancelled. Thus the AG will start at 14:15, not 13:45 //

*Thur, 24.02., 10:00*: The talk of Helen Magowan (Cambridge) also had to be cancelled. It will be replaced by Alexander Katourgi (Lund); originally alternate talk of AG13, title: "Colon: Punctuation marking information structure"

21.02.2022, 12:30
2nd circular with login data has been sent

The 2nd circular has just now been sent to all registered participants - containing the login data for our password protected website where you can find the Zoom and gather.town links. If you did not receive this mail, please contact us!

AG4: Change of slots

Please note short-term changes in the slot order of AG4. For details please see the own website of AG4.

AG3: Change of slots

Please note short-term changes in the slot order of AG3. For details please see the own website of AG3.

The talk of Henri Fominyan unfortunately has to be cancelled.

Rosemarie Tracy will be awarded with Wilhelm von Humboldt-Lebenswerkpreis

You can find the press release here: dgfs.de/de/aktuelles/2022/wilhelm-von-humboldt-lebenswerkpreis-2022.html

Katja Laptieva will be awarded with Wilhelm von Humboldt junior research award

You can find the press release here: dgfs.de/de/aktuelles/2022/wilhelm-von-humboldt-preis-2022-fuer-den-wissenschaftlichen-nachwuchs.html

Conference booklet & AG overview: New versions

We received some last minute changes, thus you can download slightly modified versions of booklet and AG overview now.

Please note that further short-term changes cannot be considered in these documents anymore - if necessary, you will find them here in our news timeline.

The booklet is online!

Hot off the press: You can download the conference booklet from the header of the "news" page.

Early-bird registration over

From today the slightly higher fees become due.

Teacher Information Day postponed

The Teacher Information Day will be postponed, the new date is 24.06.2022.

It shall be held in presence, which is not possible at the moment due to the Corona pandemic.


Registration for the DGfS conference 2022 starts on 08.11.2021. Please note that early-bird registration is open until 31.01.2022. You will find the registration form in the menu on the left-hand side.

The Annual Conference 2022 will be held online

Thank you for your interest in the DGfS 2022! We would have loved to welcome you and likeminded linguaphiles in Tübingen for a long-awaited in-person conference. Unfortunately, circumstance has made this wish unrealistic: It is not to be expected that hygiene regulations in February will be such as to allow for a big conference to be hosted on our modest grounds. The virus- and emergency safety regulations combine so as to cut into what we know and love about the DGfS: Free hopping and exchange between the workshops, invigorating conversation during the coffee breaks – all this would have to be forbidden and/or heavily policed. Further, in light of the rising infection-rates, the University has explicitly reserved the right to withdraw warrants for in-person events on short notice. For the planning of a big international conference, this implies entropy of the sort we could not in good conscience extend to our visitors from afar. It is thus that we and the DGfS-committee have – with the heaviest of hearts –decided to hold the 44th annual DGfS conference online. We know this is hardly uplifting, but we do hope thus to ease your planning. It is the safest – indeed: the only way to ensure the event can take place at all. We are looking forward to welcoming you in great numbers. And we are excited for what is sure to be an intense, delightful, and inspiring conference in February!