Project Area A "Practices"

Praxis means action. Accordingly, project area A "Practices" comprises projects whose objects of investigation are deeply entrenched in specific historical everyday worlds and more general socio-cultural contexts and activities. In those practices, we seldom meet explicit reflections on their premises and conditions. This is why in this project area the heterological dimension of our praxeological model is more clearly marked than the autological one. Social function and aesthetic performance are frequently interwoven in unexpected locations of socio-cultural materialisations. The projects in this area aim at illuminating those aesthetic inscriptions into everyday practices which have been neglected both by aesthetic theory and by reasearch on the "material turn" that has frequently focused on sub-aesthetic phenomena.

A1: The aesthetics of presence and socio-political communication in archaic and classical Greece (7th to 4th Centuries BC)

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schmidt-Hofner / Prof. Dr. Richard Posamentir

A2: A ‘different’ aesthetics of classical economic spaces during the late Republic and the early Empire

Prof. Dr. Johannes Lipps

A3: Purism – Discourses and practices of linguistic purity

Prof. Dr. Sarah Dessì Schmid / Prof. Dr. Jörg Robert

A4: Public bathing and spa-music in the early modern period

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schipperges

A5: The pragma-aesthetics of early modern epideictics in the 18th century

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Till