A2: A ‘different’ aesthetics of classical economic spaces during the late Republic and the early Empire

Project A2 is linked to current research on the aesthetics of metropolitan economic spaces in the modern period and the present but adds the perspective of classical antiquity. The model of a praxeological aesthetics allows us, for the first time, to analyse classical economic buildings and their individual parts as figures of aesthetic reflection and to explore as well as acknowledge their ‘different’ aesthetics in comparison with, for instance, classical temples. The project aims at giving insight into the creation and development of a ‘different’ aesthetics in which, for example, decorative elements turn out to be closely connected to economic functions.


principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Johannes Lipps


Anna Sophie Ruhland
Linda Stoeßel

student assistants:

Marc Hutai
Oliwia Ullrich






Lecture: Ruhland, A.: The aesthetic potential of bosses on reused material. The case of the reused Hellenistic ashlar blocks from the South Portico in the Roman Forum at Butrint, PhD Course „Reuse practices in Roman and late antique cities. Current perspectives and new approaches”, Aarhus University, 19.05.2021. (digital)  

Presentation: Ruhland, A.: Der urbane Wirtschaftsraum römischer Fora in Griechenland – Das Beispiel der Iulischen Basilika in Korinth, Projektvorstellung des SFB 1391 Andere Ästhetik, Universität Tübingen, 01.03.2021. (digital) 



Presentation: Stoeßel, L.: ‚Andere‘ Ästhetik antiker Wirtschaftsräume im Rom der späten Republik und frühen Kaiserzeit (Arbeitstitel), Projektbereichstreffen des SFB 1391 Andere Ästhetik, Universität Tübingen, 26.10.2020. (digital)

Presentation: Glunk. H. / Lipps, J. / Stoeßel, L.: Projektbericht A2, 2. Retreat des SFB 1391 Andere Ästhetik, Heiligkreuztal, 20.02.2020. 


SoSe 2020

Lipps, J.: Augusteische Architektur und Gesellschaft in Italien (Vorlesung an der Universität Mainz, Mi 12–14).