Mercator Fellows

Our interdisciplinary Research Training Group gives high priority to integrating our ambiguity research into national and international devolopments and profit from advancements elsewhere. To further this end, five Mercator fellows will join the RTG during the second phase and stay with us for flexible periods of time.

The DFG states the following on Mercator fellows: „DFG-Form 52.05 – 10/11

Mercator Fellows

I Objective
This module enables you to pursue an intensive and long-term exchange with researchers in Germany and abroad. Fellows will partially be on site but will remain in contact with project participant seven after their stay.
II. Description
Intensive and ongoing exchange with researchers from Germany and especially those from abroad can add significant value to a research project. It is a way of bringing additional expertise to the project or into the network and increasing its visibility. Fellows are integrated to a greater extent than visiting researchers. They are associated with the project over the long term and at least partially on site at the host institution. They remain in contact with the project network even after their stay. International fellows carry the designation “Mercator Fellows” in recognition of their dedication to the project. …“
The following international researchers have agreed to cooperate as Mercator fellows with our RTG in the second phase:

Name Presence in Tübingen
Gregory Scontras October/November 2018
Kees van Deemter May/June 2019
Peter Culicover October 2019

David Fishelov

June/July 2022
Hartmut Stöckl February/July 2022