Research Data Management (RDM)

Research data management (RDM)
is an essential prerequisite for the digital preservation, reusability and archiving of scientific data.

In line with the recommendations of the German Rectors' Conference, the Research Data Alliance and the E-Science Strategy of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the University of Tübingen supports responsible and sustainable handling of research data and has stated this in its guidelines on research data management.



Benefits of Good Data Management

Fulfilling the requirements of third-party funders

By creating a data management plan and developing and implementing it over the course of a research project, the requirements of third-party funders with regard to research data management are met.

Legal compliance

Good research data management provides legal compliance in regard to data protection, copyright, licensing and patent law by defining these aspects.

Protection against data loss

Storing research data in repositories and long-term archives provides a secure way of preserving data and thus protects against unintentional data loss or misuse.

Possibilities of data processing

Research data management makes it possible to structure data even better, make it easier to understand, and prepare it with the help of metadata and digital tools. As a result, the data can be found and reused more easily.

Increased visibility in the academic world

Permanent citability and referenceability through so-called persistent identifiers increase one's visibility in the academic world.

Compliance with good scientific practice

Good research data management provides the researcher with evidence of independent scientific work as well as a methodologically correct procedure in accordance with the guidelines for ensuring good scientific practice of the University of Tübingen as well as the DFG.

Subsequent use of data for follow-up projects

By the use of services such as repositories, tools, persistent identifiers, and interoperable interfaces, research data management offers the possibility of easy reuse and sharing of selected data for possible follow-up projects, alone or with others, demonstrating a responsible and sustainable use of one's research data.


Information on Data Management for

Events & Training Courses

Once a year, the Tübingen Days for Research Data Management (RDM Days) take place.
Save the date for this year's event on July 18 & 19.

RDM Days   

RDM training offers for PhD students
 Graduate Academy

Semester-courses on data management for students
Dr. Eberle Zentrum für Digitale Kompetenzen

April 17, 2024, 10:00 - 11:00 am, Zoom; webinar series forschungsdaten.info live; research data management for the social, behavioral, educational and economic sciences: the offers of KonsortSWD; Dr. Bernhard Miller, KonsortSWD

Save-the-Date: July 18 & 19, Tübingen RDM Days

Event calendar of the Baden-Württemberg information portal forschungsdaten.info

Upcoming NFDI dates, events and training opportunities

Research Data Management at a Glance (online self-study course, enrolment key: FDM)

Training and consulting services in Baden-Württemberg on the subject of RDM

Training courses on the topic of High Performance Computing (HPC)

 Modular course on RDM for Postdocs & Professors      

RDM Course  
Next course-round: approx. January-March 2025

The Baden-Württemberg information portal forschungsdaten.info provides an overview of helpful tools and an FAQ, as well as more useful information on the subject of RDM.


Institutions, Initiatives & Services

The University of Tübingen offers various services and tools in the field of research data management within the framework of centralised facilities - both interdisciplinary and for specific disciplines and target groups. In addition, researchers can benefit from the knowledge gained in numerous RDM-related initiatives and projects and utilise the resulting services and tools.

 RDM Institutions,  
 Initiatives & Services  

A total of 26 NFDI consortia provide discipline-specific infrastructure, so researchers from various disciplines can use customised services for RDM. The aim of these consortia is to establish a national research data infrastructure for systematic archiving, sustainable preservation and availability of scientific and research data.

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Initial Consultation

Jennifer Esslinger
RDM Officer
+49 7071 29-75082

Discipline-Specific Counselling

Core Facilities

Research Data
Repository FDAT

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Further Contacts by Topic

Data Storage


IT Center (ZDV)
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UKT / Medical Faculty:

Geschäftsbereich IT (GB-IT)
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  Medical Data Integration Center (meDIC)
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Publishing, Open Access & Specialised Information Services (FIDs)

University Library (UB)
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Data Protection


Data Protection Officer
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UKT / Medical Faculty:

Data Protection Officer
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Copyright Office UB
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Patent Law

Technology Transfer
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Good Scientific Practice
Export Controls

Export Controls
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High Performance (Cloud) Computing

GitLab at ZDV
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Research Support

Research Support
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