B6: Properties of figures of aesthetic reflection: Systematic annotation and quantitative analysis

Project B6 approaches aesthetics from a formalised perspective using methods from digital humanities and computational linguistics. In cooperation with three other projects, B6 will (a) develop compatible annotation schemes, (b) explore methods of automatically detecting instances of aesthetic devices and (c) work on the re-integration of quantitative results into the hermeneutic research workflows of the partner projects. Thus, the project delivers a concrete foundation (in the form of textual annotations) to the conceptual discussions within the SFB. In addition, the project outlines ways operationalizing complex and highly context dependent concepts, which is a continuous challenge in the digital humanities.


principal investigators:

Dr. Nils Reiter
Prof. Dr. Angelika Zirker


Nathalie Wiedmer

student assistants:

Alexa König
Lucinda da Silva Rocha
Henriette Schober




Workshop on annotations with Prof. Dr. Evelyn Gius, 27 October 2020, 9 a.m – 1 p.m., Room 0.27 in Brechtbau (Wilhelmstraße 50). Further information about the event is available here.

Workshop ‘Annotations’ , 4 November 2019, 4–8 p.m.,Room 0.11 in Brechtbau (Wilhelmstraße 50). In this workshop, the projects A3, B3, B6 and C5 are meeting to discuss the workflow for their annotations and to determine initial guidelines for annotating figures of aesthetic reflection.



WiSe 2020/21

Zirker, A.: The Theory and Practice of Annotation: Philology and the Digital Humanities (Seminar).