B1: ars et natura: Pliny’s micronarratives reflecting on art in the context of the Naturalis Historia

Project B1 is concerned with the ‘natural history’ (Naturalis Historia) of Pliny the Elder. He treats the arts both as an integral part of nature among metals, stones and soils as well as in micronarratives (anecdotes etc.) reflecting on art. The approach of the CRC allows for viewing both aspects in their relatedness to each other: The micronarratives will be explored as figures of reflection that help us recognize the interdependencies between discourses of natural history and aesthetics. This will show that not only the history of knowledge concerning nature is at issue but also the place of the arts in nature as well as that of the Naturalis Historia in the field of literature. The project contributes to the research agenda of the CRC by integrating specialist texts into the aesthetic discourse in an innovative manner.


principal investigator:

Prof. Dr. Anja Wolkenhauer




Stefania Cecere

student assistant:

Eric Alexander Eichkorn



Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Bardo Maria Gauly (Katholische Universität Eichstätt): „Von Löwen und Mönchen. Tiere in spätantiker Hagiographie“ (13.11.2019).



HS Plinius d. Ä. – Natur, Wissenschaft und Kunst in der Frühen Kaiserzeit (Prof. Dr. Anja Wolkenhauer, WiSe 2019/20)